Biona - Organic Gomasio - Sesame Salt, 100g

Biona - Organic Gomasio - Sesame Salt, 100g

Brand - Biona
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Quick Description

Give your meals a wonderful, savoury and nutty flavour by sprinkling some of Biona’s Organic Gomasio - Sesame Condiment on them.

Key Information

  • Organic sesame salt
  • Vegan-friendly condiment
  • Great source of protein
  • Contains no cholesterol
  • High in fibre

Product Overview

Who wants just plain old condiments when you could have so much more? Use Biona’s Organic Gomasio Sesame Condiment as a tasty condiment that will add an extra layer of flavour to your meal.

Made from freshly roasted, ground sesame seeds and sea salt, this amazing Gomasio is a cholesterol-free condiment that is packed full of fibre and a great source of protein. It adds that extra bit of texture and flavour that’s unique and distinct.

Ideal seasoning for a salad, Gomasio will also add a lovely savoury, nuttiness to pasta and noodle dishes and soups. It is absolutely magical on freshly popped popcorn as well. No matter what, a jar of Biona’s Organic Gomasio Sesame Condiment will never go to waste.


Organic Sesame Seeds (96%), Sea Salt.
Allergens: Contains Sesame.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Gomasio originate from?

A centuries-old condiment, the term gomasio comes from the Japanese words ‘goma’ which means sesame seeds and ‘shio’ which means salt. Gomasio is made from unhulled sesame seeds and salt and is used incredibly often in Japanese cuisine.

It is quite similar to furikake except that gomasio is completely vegan! It is used as a topping for various dishes and is often sprinkled on plain rice.