Who are Biona Organic?

Biona actually started in London! Over 35 years ago Noel and Donata, the partners behind the company, began by making homemade granola. The granola received rave reviews, so much so that they outgrew their first shop rather quickly and soon needed a bigger spot!

You’ll find Biona Organic products in 30 countries around the world. And they’re not just granola anymore! In fact, they’ve got more than 350 products now. 

All things bright and beautiful, great and small… who says we can’t have it all? All Biona Organic products are made from ethically sourced and produced ingredients. No chemicals, no herbicides, and no GMOs. Just uncompromisingly good food made for the vegetarian and vegan diet.

The Biona brand has certainly made a name for itself. Biona bread, Biona beans, Biona peanut butter, and even Biona Kimchi… as long as you’re getting Biona, you’re getting premium and completely natural food.

Is Biona Vegan and What Are They Made Of?

Biona products are completely vegetarian and a lot are safe for vegan diets! Yes, you read that right. Not all of them are vegan. Don’t worry because the products we have here at PlantX are safe for vegan consumption. No need to sift through the list, you’re safe here.

Biona uses and sources products that are 100% natural and of the highest standard. All their products, that’s 350 of them, are made from sustainably sourced ingredients. Organic and ethical have always been the core of Biona.

Biona products come in a variety. They have pantry staples, such as condiments, seasonings, oils, and other dry goods. They even have Biona kimchi! They’ve also got tinned food like Biona beans and Biona coconut milk. You can create many meals with the offerings Biona has. From breakfast (Biona peanut butter, anyone?), lunch, dinner…and even dessert. All of them can be made from uncompromisingly top-quality organic products. Oh, let’s not forget snacks. Sweet and savoury snacks are also available in the Biona line - you can find some here at PlantX!

Why Are Biona Products Considered Healthy?

In the case of Biona, it’s because their food is made from organic ingredients. Yes, we know, we’ve said it a handful of times, but it’s worth repeating! Let us tell you why.

In this day and age, a lot of food is made from heavily processed foods and cheap ingredients. Many manufacturers out there grow food and crops for the masses - which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. That just means the crops might have encountered some pesticides and other chemicals. Why would you want that in your food?

Let’s talk about taste, too! Often, healthy foods are considered to be bland. That’s not the case with Biona Organic products. When you bite into Biona bread, open a tin of Biona coconut milk, or even taste Biona apple cider vinegar, you can tell. The products are very flavourful - naturally!

Biona said so themselves. “Biona was built with a vision to change the future of food,

one delicious bite at a time.” 35 years and thousands of happy customers later, that statement still seems spot on if you ask us!

Types of Vegan Foods That Biona Offers

All organic, all healthy, all good! We’ve compiled a shortlist of Biona’s best vegan food. We’ve got snacks, some pantry staples, and even condiments!

Biona Organic Kimchi

A staple in Korea, Kimchi has now made its way here - and not soon enough! Biona Kimchi is great to have with fresh veg. If you find the taste of kimchi to be “strong”, try frying it! While you’re at it, why not make some delicious kimchi fried rice?

Biona Organic Wholegrain Macaroni

This one’s a definite pantry staple. Get Biona Organic Wholegrain Macaroni for making vegan mac and cheese or any pasta dish! The rough texture of this pasta (it’s made with whole-grain durum wheat semolina) makes it great for grabbing onto sauces. 

Biona Organic Wholegrain Rice Bread

Rice bread? What’s that? Well, Biona’s Organic Wholegrain Rice Bread is a gluten-free and wheat-free loaf of bread. Simple as that! It’s healthy, light, and a great source of fibre!

Biona Organic Ginger Pressed Juice

Get all the delicious benefits of ginger in one bottle of Biona’s Organic Ginger Pressed Juice! Enjoy it on its own, or add some zing to your fave drinks. You can also add a splash to a hot cup of tea.

Biona Organic Raw Virgin Coconut Oil

Cold-pressed, unrefined, and unbleached, Biona’s Organic Raw Virgin Coconut Oil is unlike any other. Use it when cooking or baking in lieu of regular cooking oils. You can also use it for skin and hair care! 

Biona Organic Jackfruit In Salted Water

Looking for an organic alternative to meat? Well, Biona’s Organic Jackfruit In Salted Water might be the one you’re looking for! It’s healthy and full of vitamins and minerals. It’s great for a vegan diet!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do People Love The Biona Product?

People love Biona because it’s a brand that they can trust to deliver organic food that’s free from chemicals, herbicides, and GMOs. It’s that simple!

They don’t hide from excessive ingredients or heavily seasoned food. They let the natural ingredients speak for themselves.

Where Can I Find Nutritional Information About Biona’s Products?

All of Biona Organic’s products are clearly labelled. If you want nutritional information, it’s often at the back of the packaging - whether it’s a pack, box, or tin.

You’ll also find some other great info like the ingredients! You’ll often find that Biona’s ingredient list is short - that’s a good thing! Simple ingredients with no chemicals or artificial ingredients are what you want!

Are all of the products of Biona gluten-free?

A lot of Biona Organic’s products are actually gluten-free. But some of them aren’t! Some Biona bread may be made with wheat, such as their Biona rye bread! So it’s always best to make sure

Not to worry, we’ve stocked up on Biona’s gluten-free products, too. One such product, the Organic Wholegrain Rice Bread, is a favourite of ours.

Do Biona’s Products Contain Trans Fats? 

As of writing, it would appear that Biona products are free from trans fats. Let’s take a look at some common culprits of trans fats and see the Biona variations of them!

Biona’s Organic Raw Virgin Coconut Oil and butter alternatives like Organic Spread or Organic Sunflower Spread that they are trans-fat-free. Feel free to click on the links to take a closer look for yourself!

Are all the foods offered by Biona really organic?

It’s all in the name! Biona Organic started as the UK's first fully organic company. Natural products made from sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients have always been a top priority to them.

What country is Biona from?

England! Biona’s story began 35 years ago in London. They don’t just carry one type of product, they have a great variety! Biona ginger juice, Biona jackfruit, Biona tofu, Biona coconut milk, Biona sauerkraut… How’s that for a spread?

What’s in Biona’s nut butter?

Whether it’s Biona almond butter or Biona peanut butter, all of Biona’s nut butter is made with 100% nuts. No palm fats or emulsifiers are added or are even needed!

Are all of Biona’s products free from GMOs?

You won’t find any GMOs, or genetically modified ingredients, in any of Biona’s products!