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Bloombox Club

With a focus on plants, and everything they could possibly need to thrive in your home Bloombox Club was founded in 2015 by Dr Katie Cooper, previously a practising therapist and psychology lecturer. Katie had the idea of developing a plant business with an explicit wellbeing focus, having realised how beneficial plant care can be for our mental health. Further, scientific research has shown that houseplants reduce stress levels, increase productivity, and boost our wellbeing. At PlantX, we believe that plants and plant-based living are vital to a healthy life – both physically and mentally. Bloombox Club is a means of sharing the power of plants far and wide. As a subsidiary of PlantX, Bloombox Club will carry our message and vision forward while delivering thousands of plants across the UK and Germany, every month.


Little West

At Little West, the core belief is that cold-pressed juice is only as good as its ingredients. That’s why being locally-sourced is the top priority. Through a combination of personal relationships with all of their farmers and an understanding of how the produce is planted, grown, and harvested, and through passion and respect for real food, the highest quality, best-tasting product is created. Little West cold-pressed juices are 100% pure fruits and vegetables. Unlike other juice companies, we never use concentrates or water down our juices. There’s no added sugar, artificial sweeteners, chemicals, or unhealthy preservatives. Each bottle of Little West Juice is packed with 2 to 4 pounds of produce to help boost immunity, reduce inflammation, promote better digestion, and increase energy levels.


New Deli

New Deli reinvents the concept of the modern convenience store. Entirely sustainable and plant-based, our neighborhood bodega offers practical, everyday retail goods sourced from reputable, like-minded and often local, businesses. We prioritize fair-trade, organic, and biodynamic products that range from household supplies and personal hygiene products, to frozen foods, pantry staples, snacks, and an exclusive selection of organic beer and wine. Just like everything at, everything in the store is plant-based, so there’s no need for customers to be worried about ingredient lists; if we have it in the store, it’s plant-based.



When PlantX first discovered the Locavore Bar & Grill, it was a local favorite in picturesque Squamish that began as The Locavore Food Truck, and had grown into a full service Bar & Grill. At the Locavore, you could grab your Locavore favourite to go for lunch, or enjoy them in the full service dining space and bar. With an emphasis on sustainability, and a menu made up of dishes that are off the farm, out of the sea, or off the bone, PlantX saw a phenomenal opportunity. The menu was designed for Squamish Locals as well as out of towners with discerning palates. This full service restaurant also features craft cocktails, a variety of wines, craft beers and cider all local to BC. And now that it’s part of the PlantX family, it is transitioning to a completely plant-based restaurant while maintaining everything that makes it a local favorite!



Known as the place where locals meet, and attached to the Locavore Bar & Grill is the Cloudburst Café. This spacious, but cozy café serves specialty drinks, treats, snacks and freshly grilled paninis. You can grab a quick cup of fair trade, organic and locally roasted coffee to go, or stay and hang out with friends before shopping at New Deli, or grabbing a bite to eat at the Locavore. Before becoming part of the PlantX family, the Cloudburst Café was already serving plant-based milks as part of its offering, and is now switching over to a fully plant-based menu offering as well.


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