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Explore our carefully selected collection of filling, flavorsome, and healthy vegan granolas and vegan cereals to find the perfect breakfast cereal that will ensure you start your days right! 

These vegan cereals and granolas can be enjoyed with dairy-free milk or yogurt for a filling breakfast, eaten dry as a snack, or used to add crunch to your favorite deserts!

What’s so great about granola? 

Just another breakfast cereal? Oh no, it’s so much more! The beauty of vegetarian granola and vegetarian cereal is the rich range of seeds, nuts, grains, spices, dried fruits (and even dried vegetables!) it can contain.

It can be sweet or savory, enjoyed with milk, dry as a crunchy snack, or sprinkled on yogurt or ice cream for a tasty dessert.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is granola and cereal gluten-free?

The main ingredient of vegan granola is oats which are naturally gluten-free, however, oats contain traces of gluten from the facilities they were processed in. Nature's Path’s Mesa Sunrise Vegan Cereal and Maple Sunrise Vegan Cereal are two delicious gluten-free cerials.

Are oats good for breakfast?

Porridge, cereal, muesli, or granola made from oats are bound to keep you full for a long time so make great breakfast foods. This is because oats are high in fiber and absorb water, so lets your body digest its nutrients more slowly.

What is the best way to eat granola?

You can enjoy vegan granola dry as a crunchy snack, in a bowl with non-dairy milk as a filling breakfast, sprinkled over yogurt for a tasty dessert, or mixed into your porridge to give it an extra crunch! 

How can I make my own granola?

Simply mix together 300g rolled oats, 2 tbsp honey, 2 tbsp vegetable oil, and the nuts, seeds, dried fruit, and spices of your choice. Spread the vegetarian and gluten-free granola mixture evenly across two baking sheets and bake for 30 mins at 150c. Leave to cool, then enjoy! 

Is granola good for your blood sugar levels?

Some granolas and cereals are high in sugar so will raise your blood sugar levels quickly. Lizi’s Original Granola has been carefully crafted so that it has a low glycemic load (which measures the carbohydrates n a food and how fast the food raises blood sugar).