We will talk you through what plant-based supplements are and what they’re made from. We will also cover what you might need, whether or not you follow a completely vegan diet.

What are vegan supplements?

Vegan Supplements are vitamins and minerals that are taken in addition to an (ideally) healthy diet to provide maximum nutrition. Vegan supplements are made without any animal products, so something like vegan omega-3 oil will need to come from plant-based ingredients and not fish as they often do. 

Some of the most common vegan supplements are vegan protein powder and capsules containing B vitamins or iron. This is because these nutrients can be a little bit trickier to get enough of on a vegan diet. They’re also useful for people who aren’t plant-based because many people aren’t getting all of the nutrients that they need.

The only way to ensure that you are buying cruelty-free vitamins is to ensure that what you are purchasing is entirely plant-based. It’s important to check the ingredients list carefully. Animal derivatives aren’t always that easy to spot because they can be hiding in any part of the supplement like the shell or acting as a filler. If you’re not 100% sure that it’s a vegan supplement, then it’s best to just go for products that are labelled vegan. Luckily, we have a wide range of vegan supplements, organic supplements and natural supplements waiting for you.

How are vegan supplements useful in today’s lifestyle?

Whether you are vegan or not, vegan or organic supplements are always a great addition to any diet because it’s extremely difficult to get all of the right nutrients in the recommended quantities from food alone. 

The best plant-based supplements for overall health, if you are completely vegan, will be those vegan supplements that are specifically targeted at providing the nutrients that you are likely to be lacking.

Supplements, and vegan supplements in particular, are a great addition to any lifestyle because the body needs many vitamins and minerals to function properly. For example, vitamin B12 supports cellular energy production and DNA synthesis, but cannot be obtained by food on a vegan diet. 

A mineral that we don’t tend to get enough of in our diets is magnesium, in fact, evidence suggests as many as two-thirds of the population are deficient in magnesium! Magnesium is an important mineral for many reasons, such as its roles in energy production and regulation of blood pressure, making magnesium supplements a great aid for the body. You can find plant-based and vegan supplements with magnesium and other essential minerals right here at PlantX. 

It’s important to remember that plant-based supplements should be used in addition to a balanced and healthy lifestyle, not instead.

Top brands for vegan supplements to try

Here is a little selection of the best vegan supplements for different things, to help keep you in tip-top shape:

New Nordic - Blue Berry Eyebright: These beautifully natural supplements are formulated with Swedish blueberries and eyebright to support healthy eyes. They may help to promote vision and increase macular pigmentation. 

Together - OceanPure Night Time Magnesium Complex Food Supplement: Tired of counting sheep? We might have just the thing! This natural magnesium vegan supplement may help to promote relaxation and improve sleep. As well as containing the 5 forms of natural magnesium sourced from the Dead Sea, these supplements also contain Hops Extract which is a natural sedative, to help get you drifting off to the land of nod in no time.

CurraNZ - Natural New Zealand Blackcurrant Extract: This award winning vegan workout supplement has been made with natural blackcurrants from New Zealand, formulated to help support muscle recovery. 

Taka Turmeric - Organic Turmeric & Black Pepper Extract: This powerful gem of a vegan supplement contains turmeric sustainably sourced from organic farms in Southern India. The black peppar extract helps the body absorb curcurmin, which is the bioactive compound in turmeric. This vegan supplement is rich in antioxidants and is formulated to boost your immune system while also supporting your brain and heart health. 

What are vegan supplements made from?

Animal products are typically found in a lot of supplements, so it’s good to be aware of what ingredients to look out for. The shell of many supplements contains gelatin, which usually comes from cows or pigs. Vegan capsules will usually be made from vegetable cellulose instead so look out for this on the ingredients list.

If you are looking for plant-based supplements for healthy fats such as omega-3, you’re probably safest just looking for products that explicitly state that they are vegan-friendly. This is because healthy fats in non-vegan supplements tend to come from fish, so if they don’t state that they are plant-based, then the chances are that they’re not.

A possibly more surprising vitamin that often isn’t vegan, is vitamin D. The main reason for this is that a lot of vitamin D3 supplements come from the oil found in sheep’s wool or fish. Plant-based vitamin D3 supplements will usually be made from lichen plants which is an organism that is a combination of a fungus and an algae.

Plant-based supplements and vegan supplements will usually be made from things like nutrient-dense vegetables, seeds, nuts, and flowers, depending on what they are specifically formulated to provide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do organic supplements have side effects?

There is a risk of side effects from anything that you choose to put into your body, because no two people are the same so they can react differently to different things. When you start taking a new organic supplement it’s important to monitor the effects on your body very carefully. If you notice any adverse reactions at all it’s best to stop taking them immediately and seek medical advice. 

Which supplements should I take daily?

Many vegan supplements are designed for daily use because that’s how you get the maximum effect from them. Often it takes your body time to start absorbing vegan supplements or natural supplements properly so regular use is essential. It’s also worth knowing that plant-based supplements do not lose their effectiveness if continually taken, so there’s no need to take a break from daily use. 

If you take vegan supplements like multivitamins every day, you will increase your chances of getting the recommended amounts of vitamins and minerals. Plant-based supplements containing things like omega-3 and vitamin B12 are particularly valuable if taken every day, as they are difficult for vegans to get from food alone. 

Is it ok to give vegan supplements to young children?

You can definitely give children vegan supplements, whether they are on a plant-based diet or not. If you want to give your child plant-based supplements then we would recommend that you buy vegan supplements that are specifically designed for kids, like these Wellkid Peppa Pig Multi-Vits by Vitabiotics.

This ensures that there is nothing in the vegan supplements that will negatively affect their growth and development. If your child is vegan then look out for supplements that contain vitamin B12, calcium, and iron, because it’s very easy to become deficient in any of these nutrients on a plant-based diet.

Do supplements contain caffeine?

Some do! You should always read the ingredients of any new supplements carefully before you start taking them. Vegan workout supplements in particular are likely to contain some caffeine because they are designed to enhance performance. Natural supplements that contain things like green tea may also contain some caffeine so this may affect when you want to take them. If you’re not sure whether something contains caffeine or not it’s worth taking the time to research the ingredients individually, or ask the manufacturer directly.