They say you can’t have your cake and eat it too - but did they ever have such a delicious choice of vegan cakes and vegan brownies as we do here at PlantX? I doubt it!

Many people worry they’ll have to give up their favourite desserts when going vegan. After all, you need butter, milk and eggs for baking right? Actually, no!

How to make vegan cakes

Using clever substitutes such as soy, chia seed “eggs”, oil and vegan margarine among others, it’s still possible to make totally tasty vegan cakes or indulgently gooey vegan brownies. 

In fact, you may think vegan cakes are a completely modern phenomenon. Cakes such as Italian Water Cake and Wacky Cake have historically been made in times when milk and eggs were scarce. You’ll find these “accidentally” vegan cakes are still being made today, due to their delicious taste and ability to meet modern dietary requirements.

Our wide range of pre-made cakes

However, if you’re not quite feeling up to baking a vegan cake from scratch - not to worry! These days, there are a wide variety of readymade vegan cakes and vegan brownies to choose from. More and more brands are seeing the benefit of offering vegan options to the growing number of plant-based eaters out there, and more entirely vegan companies are springing up! 

So, if you’re looking for somewhere to buy vegan cake online you’ve come to the right place! Get vegan cake delivery right to your doorstep, and enjoy the convenience of having a sweet treat in your cupboard to enjoy at any time.

Top vegan cakes and brownies to try

Lazy Day Foods - Chocolate Chip Shortbread

One of our favourite cookies! This vegan and gluten-free shortbread comes with rich chocolate chips and are dissapearingly good!

Lazy Day Foods - Millionaires Shortbread

Enjoy this rich shortbread with chocolate and caramel. It is totally free from gluten and dairy. An all-time vegan cake favourite that goes perfectly with your afternoon cup of tea. 

Lazy Day Foods - Chocolate Orange Slice

These indulgent dark chocolate slices are made with premium Belgian chocolate infused with natural orange oil. They are rich, creamy and luxurious. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are vegan cakes healthy?

As vegan cakes are made without butter they can contain less saturated fat than their non-vegan counterparts. However, like most cakes, vegan cakes still usually contain quite a bit of sugar! There are some brands of vegan cakes which will kill two birds with one stone by offering low-sugar, vegan cakes.

For the most part, though, you should enjoy vegan cakes like you would a regular cake - as a bit of indulgence in a balanced diet - all while knowing you're making a positive choice for the environment.

What are vegan cakes made out of?

Vegan cakes and vegan brownies have many similar ingredients to regular cakes and brownies, except they contain no animal-derived ingredients - yay! Instead, they use ingredients such as banana or flaxseed to replace eggs, vegetable oils and vegan margarine in place of butter and plant milk instead of cow’s milk.

How do I store a vegan cake?

Because vegan cakes do not contain highly perishable ingredients such as milk and eggs, they are safe to be stored outside of the fridge. You can store it wrapped in cling film to prolong its life, or underneath a cake cover, in a cool dark place away from direct sunlight. 

This works for vegan brownies too! So when you buy vegan cake online, you can do it in advance of your event!

You can even freeze a vegan sponge if needed. Once completely cool, simply wrap in cling film and store in the freezer. Take out 2 - 4 hours before you wish to serve and allow it to come to room temperature. Who needs a cake delivery when you can whip one up in advance yourself!

Are vegan cakes nice?

Absolutely! Many traditional cake recipes can be “veganised” to make mouthwateringly good vegan cakes that taste like an improvement, rather than a compromise! 

Alternative ingredients used to recreate the binding and textural properties of butter and eggs, such as bananas, almond milk and coconut flour can even add their own unique flavours to vegan cakes and vegan brownies. 

Why are vegan cakes so dense?

Sometimes if a vegan cake isn’t made properly, it can end up being too dense! You are, after all, removing some fundamental building blocks by taking away butter and eggs. However, it doesn’t need to be that way! Traditionally vegan cakes such as Italian Water Cake are light and fluffy without any animal products after all.

Many people think the secret to fluffy cakes is egg, but in fact, the way you make a cake makes a big difference. When doing your own baking, make sure your oven is preheated so the temperature is completely even, which helps to ensure the cake rises properly. 

When mixing your wet ingredients in with your dry ones, be sure to sift your flour and fold rather than beat it into the mixture. The sifting will help to capture air into the mixture, while the folding avoids the gluten becoming too developed (leading to heaviness).

Perfecting the vegan cake takes time and experience. If you’re not quite there yet or are short on time, you might want to buy your vegan cake. Take a look at PlantX’s range of ready-made vegan cakes and brownies, and get vegan cake delivery right to your door!