Everyone’s got their favourite plant-based snacks for vegans. Sweet, salty, or somewhere in between, there’s always something for everyone!

What kind of UK snacks for vegans do we have here at PlantX? Every kind. We've got snacks for vegans such as crisps, cookies, sweets, chocolate, bars, dried fruits… we really have everything! We’ve selected the best snacks for vegans and gathered them all here. All that’s left for you to do is browse the list of snacks for vegans.

Check out our selection and buy vegan snacks online at PlantX today. You won’t be disappointed. That’s because, yes, vegans can have snacks and sweets - quite delicious ones, in fact! Snacks for vegans are just as tasty and hard to resist!

Are Vegan Snacks and Sweets Healthier?

Sweets are often frowned upon for being unhealthy. Lessen the blow with plant-based sweet snacks instead! A lot of the time, plant-based sweets and snacks for vegans are made with more wholesome ingredients. Snacks for vegans are often made with natural flavours and without the use of refined sugar. That’s better and, therefore, healthier!

As for vegan snacks, they’re usually less processed and contain less saturated fats. That’s because snacks for vegans don’t contain any animal products like fat or dairy. Plus, plant-powered snacks are often more nutritious! For example, vegan milk chocolates are made with oat milk instead of dairy milk. That’s some tasty plant-based protein right there!

There’s also some added safety in eating sweets and snacks for vegans. As you can probably already guess, they’re milk-free, lactose-free, and egg-free. Often, snacks for vegans are also made free from other common allergens. So, for people with more sensitive dietary restrictions, vegan sweets and snacks are the way to go!

A lot of snacks and sweets you can find in the supermarket are full of artificial ingredients. From flavourings, preservatives, and sweeteners, ordinary brands are full of them! The brands we carry at PlantX opt to use healthier overall ingredients for their snacks for vegans. Just give any one of the products on the page and see for yourself!

Top Picks for Vegan Snacks & Sweets

Montezuma's Lordy Lord Dark With Cocoa Nibs

Intensely rich dark chocolate flavour and crunchy texture? That’s what Montezuma's Lordy Lord Dark With Cocoa Nibs brings. Enjoy this bar of chocolate on its own and snack on it piece by piece or use it to level up desserts or sprinkle on ice cream! A super indulgent dessert snack for vegans! 

Clearspring’s Organic Rice Cakes

Ever wanted something else other than crackers or bread for a quick snack? Get Clearspring’s Organic Rice Cakes! These snacks for vegans are lightly salted rice cakes that are a texture dream. Light, airy, and somewhat chewy, they’re made from organically grown brown rice.

Vego’s Organic Vegolino Fine Nougat Pralines

Grab some sweets for your next trip! Vego’s Organic Vegolino Fine Nougat Pralines are delectable sweets made with organic hazelnuts and certified fairtrade ingredients. They’re rich and velvety melts-in-your-mouth treats. 

Lazy Day Foods Chocolate Chip Shortbread

Tired of the same old cookie? With every box of Lazy Day Foods’ Chocolate Chip Shortbread, you’ll get 12 crumbly shortbreads with Belgian dark chocolate chips. Grab one whenever you want a sweet snack or share some with your friends.

Lazy Day Foods Chocolate Orange Slice

Lazy Day Foods Chocolate Orange Slices are exactly what you expect. They are rich, high-quality Belgian dark chocolate slices infused with natural orange oil. They’re fancy lazy day foods. Also, they’re free from gluten, wheat, dairy, and lactose!

Nairn's Coconut & Chia Oat Biscuit

Perfect with your cup of tea, Nairn's Coconut & Chia Oat Biscuits have a toasted coconut taste with a chia seed crunch. Though sweet, they actually contain 55% less sugar than other biscuits. These biscuits are also excellent sources of fibre, vitamins and nutrients.


Do you have gluten-free plant-based snacks?

For sure we do! We have plenty of gluten-free snacks for vegans. Now, it’s probably safe to assume that you’re looking for plant-based snack alternatives that would normally have gluten like cookies or biscuits. So we’ll skip on the chips, candies, fruits, and the like.

We’ve got these lovely gluten-free biscuits by Rhythm108. They've got a variety of Organic Tea Biscuit Share Bags you can choose from. 

Maybe you fancy something light but crunchy? Then we’ve just the thing! Here are Real Foods - Organic Corn Thins! We've got tons more, too. Be sure to peruse our UK vegan snack list to see them all!

I can’t have a dairy. Are there vegan snacks for me?

We’ve got quite a few since PlantX is the place to buy vegan snacks online. Here are some great ones if you like plant-based sweet snacks. Let’s start off with the classic - the chocolate truffle! Why not try Booja Booja’s Organic Almond Salted Caramel Chocolate Truffles?

Fancy some dairy-free yoghurt for dessert? Nush - Strawberry Tubes: Almond Milk Yoghurt is made with, you guessed it, almond milk! That means it’s free from dairy and naturally lactose-free. It comes with a lush strawberry flavour. Prefer some other flavour? They’ve got that, too! Check it out here.

I’m trying to eat a bit healthier. Do you sell healthy plant-based snacks?

Of course! Let’s go through the more conventional healthy plant-based snacks first - fruit! Crazy Jack’s got some delicious dried fruits - so they’re def plant-based sweet snacks. Try out their organic apricots, organic prunes or organic soft dates.

We also offer UK vegan snacks made with simple and familiar ingredients. Rude Health - Organic Corn Crackers are available in lots of different flavours. You’re sure to find a plant-based snack that you love!

More on the familiar and healthy snacks for vegans...We’ve also got peas and beans! Hodmedod's Lightly Sea Salted British Roasted Green Peas and British Roasted Fava Beans are great, crunchy vegan snacks full of fibre and protein!

So, what are you waiting for? Get browsing snacks for vegans and buy vegan snacks online at PlantX today!