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What Is Vegan Mozzarella?

100% ooey-gooey and 100% animal-free, vegan mozzarella is a delicious plant-based alternative to traditional mozzarella cheese.

Vegan mozzarella can come grated, it can come pre-sliced, it can come in portions, and it can even come in blocks. Basically, whatever shape or form you need vegan mozzarella to come in, chances are you’ll find one. There used to be a time when you’ll be lucky enough to find just one - now it’s great that we get so many vegan mozzarella options!

Vegan mozzarella allows us to enjoy cheesy dishes without having to worry about animal byproducts. Plus, it’s dairy-free. For those lactose intolerant, they can opt for vegan mozzarella cheese instead.

How Is Vegan Mozzarella Cheese Different From Normal Ones?

Apart from it being free from any animal products, not much is actually different when you buy vegan mozzarella instead of “normal” mozzarella cheese. 

Taste-wise, yes there are some variations - but isn’t that also true for non-vegan cheese anyway? Some dairy-free mozzarella cheeses can taste mild or some might even have a richer and fuller taste. Varieties exist and they are welcome since they can adapt to whatever recipes we might be making.

Mozzarella cheese is well-known for its texture. We must have the iconic cheese pull! Truth be told, there are non-dairy substitutes for mozzarella cheese that are designed to pull better than others. They’re not all the same. But you can bet that there are great brands out there (and of course here at PlantX) that melt and stretch very nicely.

How Is Vegan Mozzarella Cheese Made?

There are a few ways plant-based mozzarella is made. Simple, homemade vegan cheese is made by soaking nuts in hot water. After a thorough blend, you get some semblance of watery cheese that needs reduction. When you’ve done it the right way and heated it up until it reduces to a thick mixture, you’ve got a dairy-free alternative to mozzarella.

Commercial vegan mozzarella cheese might be a little more complex to produce as the process has some parallels to how traditional, dairy-based cheese is made. This includes separating plant proteins and letting them sit and ferment with bacteria. That’s not the end of it, though. Some stabilising is needed - and that can come in the form of oils.

Top Brands To Try

Violife Tex-Mex Flavour Grated Cheese

If you want a dairy-free alternative to mozzarella that’s taco-ready, then this is it! It has Mexican-inspired flavours that go well in making quesadillas, burritos, and wraps.

Violife Mozzarella Flavour Grated

This gluten-free mozzarella cheese melts and stretches and comes pre-grated. Use a lot, use a little - it’s up to you! No worries because it comes in a convenient, resealable bag.

Violife Mozzarella for Pizza Flavour Block

Another gluten-free mozzarella cheese from Violife! Actually, it’s free from the top 14 allergens as well. Get a block if you need more cheese to work with. Slice, dice, and grate, this vegan mozzarella can do all of that!

Bute Island Grated Mozzarella Style Sheese

A creamy but non-dairy mozzarella cheese? Sheesh! This vegan mozzarella will melt and will bubble like the mozzarella you’re used to. 

Recipe Ideas Using Vegan Mozzarella Cheese


If there’s mozzarella, surely there must be pizza! This one is easy and a no-brainer. A great pizza to use vegan mozzarella with, is the classic Margherita pizza. All you need is a good tomato sauce, melty vegan mozzarella, and dough (you can get pre-made ones!).


We don’t often think of lasagnas as much when we’ve got vegan mozzarella, don’t we? Well, think about it more! Just think about cutting yourself a piece and seeing that fab cheese stretch. Kids love it but so do the grown-ups!

Mac & Cheese

Easy to make and downright delish, you can use just about any vegan mozzarella cheese to make an indulgent mac and cheese. This dish is also easy to make and perfect for mid-week. Plus, it will still taste great when you heat up the leftovers, making it great for packing for work!

Grilled Cheese

We can’t think of any other food that deserves a cheese pull more than this classic sandwich. It’s comforting, rich, and tasty. Think a grilled vegan mozzarella sandwich with a bowl of tomato soup on the side? It's the perfect meal if you ask us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can vegan mozzarella stretch?

Absolutely! There used to be a time when vegan mozzarella was just not stretching like regular mozzarella cheese. Thanks to years of food science, we’ve got great melty and stretchy vegan mozzarella options just like the ones you’ll find here.

At what temperature does vegan mozzarella melt?

There’s really no one answer for this as it can depend on the brand making the plant-based mozzarella cheese. You can get cheese that melts at low heat while you can get others that need high temperatures to melt.

If you want to gauge a little bit, you can get a little bit and pop that in the microwave (as long as it can be microwaved) to see at what temperature it starts to melt.

Where to use vegan mozzarella?

Pizzas, quesadillas, nachos, lasagna… take your pick! Vegan mozzarella can go in a great number of recipes. The sky’s the limit!

You can also treat your vegan mozzarella like any vegan cheese, really. There are differences that you can learn more about in our Perfect Guide to Vegan Cheese, but feel free to use vegan mozzarella just like you would regular cheese!

How long does vegan mozzarella last?

In our kitchen? Not long at all - we go through loads of plant-based mozzarella because we love them!

If we’re talking shelf life, it can vary. Some keep in the fridge for three to four weeks and some even last for months. But once you’ve opened the pack it’s always best to consume vegan mozzarella within a few days for the tastiest results.

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