Bottleshot Brew - Cold Brew Coffee, 250ml Assorted Flavours

Bottleshot Brew - Cold Brew Coffee With Oat Milk, 250ml  - front
Bottleshot Brew - Cold Brew Coffee Black, 250ml - front
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Bottleshot Brew - Cold Brew Coffee, 250ml Assorted Flavours

Brand - Bottleshot Brew
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Quick Description

Forget about those nasty caffeine crashes. Try Bottleshot Brew’s Cold Brew Coffee, slow-brewed goodness with absolutely no added nasties!

Key information

  • Cold brew coffee is brewed low and slow to bring out all the goodness from coffee
  • Each can contain two espresso shots packed with antioxidants
  • Enjoy with oat milk or black
  • Locally brewed in the UK
  • Zero artificial sweeteners, no added sugar and no nasties!

Product overview

Wake up with style when you drink Bottleshot Brew’s Cold Brew Coffee. Rather than being blasted by heat, Cold Brew is quite literally cold-brewed for 18 hours long.

The result? A delicious, smooth tasting drink coupled with a high energy buzz lasting the whole day. Say goodbye to those post-coffee crashes. Just crack open, pour into a glass and ta-da! It’s as simple as that.

Now to address the elephant in the room. The sustainability issue. Not only is Bottleshot Brew’s coffee beans 100% rainforest alliance certified, but they’re also involved in some awesome initiatives.

Have you ever heard of YMCA Urban Mushrooms? Well, they’re a pretty awesome social enterprise that recycles used coffee grounds. They use them to feed their delicious mushrooms. All the while providing more jobs and training to young people.

With over 500,000 tonnes of coffee grounds being sent to landfill each year, it’s good to know Cold Brew send their waste to good use! 

Cold Brew Coffee Black 250ml

Like your coffee as it comes? Look no further. The OG Cold Brew coffee is full-bodied, smooth and delicious. Drink this on ice, enjoy on its own or add to your favourite choice of milk.

Cold Brew Coffee with Oat Milk 250ml

If you fancy something sweeter and creamier, opt for this one! Naturally sweetened by oat milk, this delicious drink has won the Great Taste 2021 Award.


Cold Brew Coffee with Oat Milk 250ml
Arabica Cold Brew Coffee, Oats, Water, Chicory Extract, Potassium Carbonate. Dairy-free! Gluten presence.

Cold Brew Coffee Black 250ml
Arabica Cold Brew Coffee, Water, Chicory Extract

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Iced Coffee and Bottleshot’s Cold Brew Coffee?

Comparing the two is like comparing a household cat to a cheetah. Similar, but completely out of each other’s league. And to be frank, Cold Brew is the cheetah.

Cold Brew is made only from premium ingredients and has no added nasties. Iced coffee typically has lots of sweeteners and sugars added to mask the burnt coffee taste.

At Bottleshot Brew, they use naturally chocolatey and nutty coffee beans and use only filtered water. Unlike iced coffee, cold pressing the beans result in a drink that’s 60% less acidic and has longer-lasting caffeine hit.

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