Sure, you can make homemade vegan egg substitutes with some clever ingredients (we’ll tell you all about that in a bit), but sometimes we just want something as close to the real thing as possible.

For a lot of us, it’s not JUST the taste we’re after. It’s the use! Eggs are widely used in many a recipe. That’s why we’re keen on looking for the best plant-based eggs for cooking and vegan egg substitutes for baking.

If you’re looking for some vegan egg substitutes, then welcome to PlantX! We already have awesome egg substitutes on the site and we’re constantly on the lookout for more. If we do find any, they’re probably already in the shop!

Try Out The Best Homemade Egg Substitute Recipes

Similar to how the best camera is the camera you have on you, the best vegan eggs are made with stuff you already have - and you might have more than you think! If you need plant-based eggs pronto, try out these effective recipes to make them yourself. All you need is a few common ingredients.

Applesauce or Banana

This one is relatively simple. 1⁄4 cup of unsweetened applesauce counts as one egg. This is more likely to be used as a vegan egg substitute for baking. If you’re using a banana, one fully mashed one is equal to 2 eggs.

Flax or Chia

This one needs to be made a little bit in advance. Follow a 3:1 tablespoon ratio of warm water to flaxseed. For chia seeds, it’s one tablespoon for every 2 and a half tablespoons of warm water. Mix that well and let it sit until the ingredients combine (the chia seeds might require at least 5 minutes). There you go, your very own liquid vegan egg!


This one is a more obvious plant-based egg substitute. For this one, you need to get the soft or silken tofu variety to match the texture of eggs. Use as much as you like.


Chickpeas are part of our diet. So, getting some aquafaba is easy. If you’ve used chickpeas recently, save that chickpea water and use that to make vegan egg substitutes. Whipped chickpea water will give you a replacement for whipped egg whites. This is most often used as a vegan egg substitute for baking.

We know, we know. What if you simply don’t want to bother making some at home? No worries! Next we’ll go over some of our ready-made faves - you can easily just buy vegan eggs!

Popular Plant-Based Egg Brands

Clearspot Tofu’s Organic Scrambled Tofu

These are not your typical scrambled eggs! Actually, they’re totally eggless and just made with soya beans. No need to get a whisk, either. Clearspot Tofu’s Organic Scrambled Tofu comes ready to eat. That means they’re already seasoned to taste - perfect for savoury meals! Oh, and they’re free from artificial flavours, colours, and preservatives.

Bonsan’s Organic Vegan Breakfast Scramble

Though it’s called a breakfast scramble, Bonsan’s Organic Vegan Breakfast Scramble can go in just about any eggy dish. Think burritos, tacos, and even shakshuka. This one is another soy creation, and it's gluten-free! 

Orgran’s Vegan Easy Egg

With Orgran’s Vegan Easy Egg, you can make loads of eggy dishes. One box will give you the equivalent of 15 vegan eggs! Use this vegan egg substitute to make a simple scramble, or take your plant-based cooking to the next level by making omelettes, quiches, and frittatas! All of that eggy goodness without the cholesterol? Sign us up!

Free & Easy’s Gluten & Dairy Free Egg Replacer

Free & Easy’s Gluten & Dairy Free Egg Replacer is a great vegan egg substitute for baking. One tub of this is equal to 45 eggs - talk about bulk! With this one, you can cook as much as you like with the freedom to use this plant-based egg for baking cakes and treats. It brings the versatility that regular eggs provide!

Things You Should Know About Plant-Based Egg Substitutes

Yes, there are loads of vegan eggs out there. But, let’s be honest here. They won’t really taste like chicken eggs. You’ll find great vegan egg brands that come close, but none will match it exactly. Is that a compromise we can live with? …yes!

If you compare plant-based eggs with the real thing, they contain less (potentially zero) cholesterol. While some might argue that you won't have as much protein with egg substitutes, you can always find ways to work around that. For example, many brands make vegan egg substitutes with protein-rich soy.

Can vegan eggs be bad for you? At certain times, maybe. It takes a lot for vegan eggs to taste like chicken eggs. A lot of that goes into the seasoning. So, yes, some vegan eggs might be full of sodium. You have to watch out for that. What don’t you have to watch out for with vegan eggs? Salmonella. 

You also have to take into consideration that by getting vegan eggs instead of chicken eggs, you’re potentially saving chickens from being inhumanely farmed. Also, producing vegan eggs requires less land and water than caring for and housing chickens!

There are always pros and cons when you replace certain foods in life. For us, the convenience of having vegan eggs outweighs the cons. That’s why we keep cooking with them!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are vegan eggs good for your health?

Generally speaking, yes. Regular chicken eggs are known to be sources of fat and cholesterol. You’re also saving yourself from calories when you get vegan eggs. One regular egg contains 60 to 70 calories while vegan eggs may just contain half of that. That still depends on the kind you get, but it’s a great start!

You might be skipping out on some nutrients that regular eggs provide like Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, and certain antioxidants. You can always balance that out with other foods or supplements.

What is a plant-based egg substitute and can I use it in cooking and baking?

A plant-based egg substitute is any ingredient that you use to replace regular eggs. You can use them to cook or bake with! As we discussed earlier, you can simply buy vegan eggs or make your own plant-based egg substitutes.

There are vegan egg substitutes for baking like Free & Easy’s Gluten & Dairy Free Egg Replacer. Alternatively, you can just use a mashed banana or store-bought applesauce in baking recipes.

For cooking applications, you’ll find loads of options out there. Tofu is also a go-to and can easily replace scrambled eggs in savoury recipes as long as they’ve been seasoned well.

Are there plant-based eggs that are gluten-free?

Of course! A lot of vegan eggs you’ll find in the market are made from soy, not wheat. The latter really isn’t a great source of protein compared to soy. That’s why you can easily find gluten-free vegan egg substitutes like Orgran’s Vegan Easy Egg!

You’ll come across products that clearly say that they’re made from soy products. Do be careful, still. As that might not mean they’re gluten-free necessarily. Always make sure to get ones that clearly state this if you have a gluten intolerance.