Veg 'AN' Love - Mash Topped Mushroom Lover Pie, 405g


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Veg An Love - Mushroom Lover Pie, 405g - front
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Veg 'AN' Love - Mash Topped Mushroom Lover Pie, 405g

Brand - Veg 'AN' Love
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Quick Description

Say hello to the ultimate comfort food with Veg ‘AN’ Love’s Mushroom Lover Pie. Sustainable, creamy and delicious. The pie all mushroom lovers deserve.

Key Information

  • Sustainable comfort food 
  • 100% vegan and homemade
  • Mushrooms, red onion and Guinness gravy and mash
  • British made in Leicester
  • Family-owned business 

Product Overview

Mushrooms. You either love em’ or hate em’. So, for the mushrooms lovers among us - congratulations, you’ve hit the jackpot. Say hello to the 100% vegan, 100% homemade and 100% comforting mushroom pie of dreams. 

Oyster, chestnut and baby button mushrooms in a mouth-watering red onion and Guinness gravy, topped off with the creamiest vegan mash. Handmade by good ol’ Louis in Leicester. 

Sustainable, comforting and delicious. If food could give you a hug, this would be it. 


Potato(45.6%) (Stout) Water, Barley, Roast Malt Extract, Hops, And Brewer's Yeast Sweet Potato (16.6%) Oyster Mushrooms (8.1%) Chestnut Mushrooms (4.1%) Baby Button Mushrooms (3.6%) Onion (2.5%) Vegan Butter (1.7%) Vegetable Oil (0.7%) Seasoning (0.1%) Pepper (0.1%) Garlic Powder (0.1%) Ginger Powder (0.03) Salt (0.02))
Allergens: Barley

Frequently Asked Questions 

What makes Veg ‘AN’ Love’s pies so special?

⁠⁠Veg ‘AN’ Love’s pies are a fantastic alternative to traditional ready meals. Those made with high quantities of fat, sugar, salt and unnatural additions. 

⁠Made with ultimate convenience in mind, these pies still go straight from your freezer to your oven with no need to defrost. However, they are loaded with veggies. This means no sacrificing your insides (or tastebuds either!)

⁠⁠A healthier, nutritious and vegan-friendly alternative to the usual ready meals stocking our shelves.