TRKG Healthy Living - Parma Violet Skinny Shots, 500ml

TRKG Healthy Living - Parma Violet Skinny Shots, 500ml - front
TRKG Healthy Living - Parma Violet Skinny Shots, 500ml - back
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TRKG Healthy Living - Parma Violet Skinny Shots, 500ml

Brand - TRKG Healthy Living
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Quick Description

TRKG Healthy Living’s Parma Violet Skinny Shots are the perfect way to add some delicious sweetness to your food or drinks without adding any sugar or calories. 

Key Information

  • Sugar-free, zero calories
  • Designed for keto, weight loss, and vegan diets
  • Diabetic-friendly
  • Made in Britain

Product Overview 

It’s very rare that you get something for nothing in life, and that is exactly what we have here with TRKG Healthy Living’s Parma Violets Skinny Shots… 

Lots of delicious flavour without the sugar or calories, making these tasty shots perfect for keto diets, weight loss, and those living with diabetes

Use this Skinny Shot to add the flavour of Parma Violets to your baking, smoothies, cocktails, oats, or anything you fancy really!

This syrupy sweet goddess is made and bottled in Britain, so you don’t have to worry that it has travelled a million miles to get to you. 


Water, Thickeners: propylene glycol and cellulose gum. Violet flavour. Preservatives: Lactic Acid, sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate. Sweeteners: sucralose and Acesulfame k. Colours: E123 and E122

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is TRKG Healthy Living?

TRKG Healthy Living is a family-run business that started when one of the members of the family was diagnosed with diabetes. All TRKG Healthy Living products are sugar and calorie-free, giving us delicious flavours without increasing our risk of health issues as many sweet things are known to.