Sulá - Sugar Free Pear Drops Sweets, 42g Multiple Options

Sulá - Sugar Free Pear Drops Sweets, 42g Multiple Options

Brand - Sulá
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Quick Description

Control your sweet tooth with these Sugar-Free Pear Drops from Sula! Made with real pear juice, these sweets are delicious, smooth and full of flavour.

Key Information

  • Sugar-free
  • Natural flavours
  • No preservatives or colours
  • Recyclable box
  • Great treat to control cravings

Product Overview 

Trying to cut off sugar and need a little help? These Sugar-Free Pear Drops from Sula are an amazing little treat to control those sweet cravings

Sula’s Sugar-Free Pear Drops are made with real pear juice that guarantees an enjoyable taste experience. These sweets are delicious and smooth, without any artificial flavours or colours.

Hard sweets can sometimes be harsh on your mouth. Luckily, Sula’s Sugar-Free Pear Drops are made with a superior quality recipe that prevents the sweets from cracking and getting sharp edges. 

They also come in a handy flip-top box, making it easy to have Sula’s Sugar-Free Pear Drops on the go!


Sweetener (isomalt), Acid (lactic acid), Natural flavouring, Acidity regulator (sodium lactate), Pear juice concentrate, Colouring foods (carrot juice concentrate, spirulina concentrate), Sweetener (sucralose). 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are sugar-free sweets better than regular sweets?

Sugar-free sweets certainly have their benefits. For example, controlling blood sugar levels can be easier with sugar-free sweets. However, sweets should always be considered as a treat, not a staple, even if they have sugar or not. Some sugar-free sweets also contain sweeteners, which can produce laxative effects if consumed excessively.