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Sendero Specialty Coffee - Compostable Coffee Capsules, 10 Capsules Multiple Aromas

Sendero Specialty Coffee - Compostable Coffee Capsules, 10 Capsules Multiple Aromas

Brand - Sendero Specialty Coffee
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Quick Description

Try Sendero Speciality Coffee’s Compostable Coffee Capsules for an eco-friendly alternative to aluminium pods. Delicious, single-origin and pesticide-free.

Key Information

  • Compostable coffee capsules
  • Nespresso® compatible
  • Sustainably sourced, single-origin coffee
  • No pesticides
  • No artificial flavours

Product Overview

If you love your capsule coffee machine but need an eco-friendly alternative to aluminium pods, look no further than Sendero Speciality Coffee.

Their Compostable Coffee Capsules are made entirely from plants and contain no aluminium or plastic. Simply pop them in your food waste bin when done!

Made with 100% Arabica beans, these capsules are available in three delicious single-origin flavours: Peru, Columbia and Guatemala. Working closely with local families and co-ops in these regions, Sendero ensures they receive prices above Fair Trade guidelines for their produce. All coffee beans are grown without the use of chemicals or pesticides.

Compostable Coffee Capsules Colombia

Sweet, smooth and an all-around crowd-pleaser, there’s a reason Colombia is famous for its coffee! This capsule makes an easy-going cup boasting rich dark chocolate and almond tones with mellow acidity. Great for any time of day. Strength ⅗.

Compostable Coffee Capsules Guatemala

Citrusy and bright with a little acidity, Guatemala is aromatic and well bodied. With notes of tangerine and chocolate, Finca La Senda’s prolonged fermentation process also increases the fruity flavours and overall sweetness of the cup. Strength ⅗.

Compostable Coffee Capsules Peru

A long time coffee producer, Peru was one of the first countries in the Americas to start growing coffee beans! Sendero’s Peru capsule makes a soft, sweet and bright cup with notes of cherries and caramel. Strength ⅘.


Compostable Coffee Capsules Colombia 
100% Arabica Coffee

Compostable Coffee Capsules Guatemala 
100% Arabica Coffee

Compostable Coffee Capsules Peru 
100% Arabica Coffee

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between biodegradable and compostable?

Although they are often used interchangeably, biodegradable and compostable have their own meanings. A product that is biodegradable can degrade into carbon dioxide, water and biomass within a reasonable amount of time and leaves no residues.

A product that is compostable on the other hand requires aerobic bacteria, fungi and other organisms in addition to oxygen in order to break down. Some compostable products require industrial composting to fully break down and some can be home composted.

Can Sendero Compostable Coffee Capsules be home composted?

Sendero Compostable Coffee Capsules are made from a biopolymer based on starch, glucose and lignin, which is a waste product of the paper industry. This means that yes, the Sendero Compostable Coffee Capsules can be home composted!

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Sendero Specialty Coffee - Compostable Coffee Capsules, 10 Capsules
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