Rude Health - Organic Ultimate Granola, 400g

Rude Health - Organic Ultimate Granola, 400g

Brand - Rude Health
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Quick Description

When we want something satisfying and easy to eat, we choo-choo-chews Rude Health’s Organic Ultimate Granola. It’s got the texture and the taste!

Key Information

  • Made with organic ingredients
  • Contains spelt and barley
  • Sweetened with honey and date syrup
  • With seeds, toasted nuts, and puffed amaranth
  • No preservatives and colourings

Product Overview

Granola is a handy and healthy snack. It’s a great “quick meal” for busybodies and is good fuel for gym folks and adventurers. Rude Health didn’t just make granola, though. They made the Ultimate Granola.

Rude Health created their Organic Ultimate Granola to be the absolute best. It has an earthy, subtly nutty, and naturally sweet taste. The flavours are there and that’s matched with wonderful texture.

Puffed amaranth, seeds, and toasted nuts (like hazelnuts and almonds) give this granola its crunch. More texture is added with spelt and barley. That gives it more chew!

All of these ingredients are combined using date syrup and honey. These two not only bind the ingredients together, but they give it some natural sweetness!


Oats*, Spelt (Wheat) Flakes*, Sunflower Oil*, Honey (9%), Barley Flakes*, Date Syrup*, Roasted Almonds* (4%), Sunflower Seeds* (4%) Puffed Amaranth* (2%), Roasted Hazelnut* (2%).
Made in a factory that handles soya, sesame and milk.
*produced to organic standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Rude Health Organic Ultimate Granola gluten-free?

Sadly, these Ultimate Granola bars are not gluten-free. They contain spelt and barley. Although these two are very healthy themselves, both are considered grains and are therefore known to contain gluten.

You may be interested to know that puffed amaranth, one of the ingredients in this granola, is considered an ancient grain. Though called a grain, it’s actually naturally gluten-free!