Provamel By Alpro - Organic Rice & Coconut Drink, 1L

Provamel By Alpro - Organic Rice & Coconut Drink, 1L
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Provamel By Alpro - Organic Rice & Coconut Drink, 1L

Brand - Provamel By Alpro
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Quick Description

Enjoy nature’s goodness with this delicious Organic Rice & Coconut Drink from Provamel by Alpro. Made with organically grown ingredients & free from added sugar!

Key Information

  • Naturally Sweet
  • Organically Grown and Sourced Ingredients 
  • No Added Sugar 
  • Low in Fat and Salt 
  • Gluten-Free 

Product Overview

Sip on 100% plant-powered goodness with the Provamel by Alpro Organic Rice & Coconut Drink, made with organically grown and produced ingredients.

Made with organic European rice and Sri Lankan coconut sourced from deforestation-free farms, this Rice & Coconut Drink is clean and planet-friendly. In fact, every part of the coconut is used when making this delicious drink, meaning nothing goes to waste!

This tasty plant-based drink boasts a naturally sweet flavour that comes from the natural ingredients it is made with. No added sugar in sight.

Provamel by Alpro adds a little sprinkling of salt to its Rice & Coconut Drink to give it a perfect balance of flavour. But don’t worry, this beverage only contains less than 0.2g of salt per 100ml! 


Water, Rice* (17%), Coconut Milk* (4.4%), Sea Salt, Natural Coconut Flavor
* Organically grown/produced 
May contain traces of almonds, hazelnuts, macadamia and cashew

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Provamel’s Organic Rice & Coconut Drink just for drinking? 

Definitely not! While the Rice & Coconut Drink is amazing when consumed on its own, it can also be used to make all kinds of vegan recipes. Add it to soups, sauces, mashed potatoes, pancakes or use it to bake your favourite vegan cookies. The possibilities are endless.