Plenish - Organic Almond M*lk, 1L Pack of 8

Plenish - Organic Almond M*lk, 1L Pack of 8

Brand - Plenish
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Quick Description

Made with 3 simple ingredients, Plenish Organic Almond M*lk is deliciously creamy and subtly nutty - perfect for cereal, smoothies, baking & hot drinks.

Key Information

  • Organic almond milk made with just 3 simple ingredients
  • Deliciously creamy & subtly nutty flavour
  • Up to 5x more almond content than other brands
  • Unsweetened - 100% free from added sugar
  • Great for hot drinks, smoothies, cereal & baking

Product Overview

Almonds are amazing. Packed with healthy fats, plant protein, vitamin E, magnesium, potassium and bone-building calcium, these super-nuts are creamy, nourishing and delicious.

Introducing: Plenish Organic Almond M*lk - the luxuriously rich, smooth and nutty plant milk that will keep you feeling energized, your skin glowing and your ticker in tip-top condition!

Plenish Organic Almond M*lk is made with 3 simple ingredients: organic Spanish almonds, water and sea salt. That’s it! No added sugar, no gums, no oils - just pure almondy goodness!

With up to 5x more almond content than other leading almond milk brands, this amazing M*lk has a deliciously creamy texture and subtly nutty flavour.

Velvety and versatile, Plenish Organic Almond M*lk is ideal for hot drinks, smoothies, cereal and porridge. It’s also a great high-performance plant milk for cooking and baking.


Organic Almonds, Water, Sea Salt.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Plenish Organic Almond M*lk better for the environment than dairy milk?

Plenish Organic Almond M*lk is 100% organic, made with Spanish almonds that are grown without using pesticides. Because of the ideal almond growing climate, Spanish almonds can be sustainably grown using fewer natural resources (compared to water-guzzling Californian almonds).

Each litre of Organic Almond M*lk emits up to 49% fewer carbon emissions than the average litre of UK dairy milk.