One Nutrition - D3 + K2 Oral Spray, 30ml

One Nutrition - D3 + K2 Oral Spray, 30ml
One Nutrition - D3 + K2 Oral Spray, 30ml - back
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One Nutrition - D3 + K2 Oral Spray, 30ml

Brand - One Nutrition
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Quick Description

One Nutrition D3 + K2 Oral Spray is a plant-based source of vitamins D3 and K2 designed for maximum absorption with a tasty natural orange flavour. 

Key Information

  • Higly absorbable oral spray suplement
  • Contains vitamin D3 naturally sourced from Lichen
  • Contains Menaquinone MK-7, the most bioavailable and active form of K2
  • Formulated to potentially aid heart, teeth and bone health
  • Highly absorbable 
  • Orange flavour

Product Overview 

Getting your vitamins has never been so easy! One Nutrition D3 + K2 Oral Spray is a highly absorbable spray form of vitamins D3 and K2, topped off with a tasty orange flavour made from natural ingredients.
Formulated for maximum effect, this spray contains the most active and bioavailable form of K2, menaquinone MK-7, and naturally sourced vitamin D3 from Lichen. These vitamins are thought to be active in potentially benefitting heart, teeth and bone health. 

Spray up to six times per day under the tongue, and hold for up to 30 seconds for maximum absorption! 


Water, Sorbitol (viscosity modifier), Cholecalciferol (vegetarian vitamin D3 - 500IU/12.5μg/250% Reference Intake), Natural orange flavouring, Menaquinone (vitamin K2 (MK-7 K2VITAL) 16.7μg), Potassium sorbate (preservative), Citric acid (acidulant), Tri sodium citrate (acidity regulator), Xanthan gum (stabiliser), Steviol glycosides (natural sweetener).

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does vitamin D3 come from?

The vitamin D3 in One Nutrition’s D3 + K2 Oral Spray comes from Lichen, which is a microorganism that is a combination of algae and fungus. However, other sources of vitamin D3 come from fish oil and egg yolk, so it’s always wise to check that the vitamin D3 in your supplements comes from a vegan source like Lichen.