Nutra Tea - Ginseng & Ginger Tea, 20 Bags

Nutra Tea - Ginseng & Ginger Tea, 20 Bags
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Nutra Tea - Ginseng & Ginger Tea, 20 Bags

Brand - Nutra Tea
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Quick Description

Pour yourself a rejuvenating mug of Nutra Tea Ginseng & Ginger Tea, a warming herbal tea packed with antioxidants and other natural benefits for your body. 

Key information

  • Natural herbal tea made with ginger and ginseng 
  • Contains antioxidants 
  • Kind on the digestive system
  • Biodegradable tea bags that can be reused up to 3 times
  • No artificial additives, sweeteners, or flavourings

Product overview

A fragrant mug of herbal tea is, undeniably, good for the soul. This Nutra Tea Ginseng & Ginger Tea is made with two simple ingredients: ginger and - you got it! - ginseng. 

Nutra Tea Ginseng & Ginger Tea is also kind to your tummy, with ginger root traditionally thought to be beneficial to the digestive system. Its spicy flavour makes this a warming, soothing tea for any time of day. 

These potent herbal tea bags go a long way, as you can reuse each tea bag up to 3 times and still enjoy its warming flavour. When you are finally finished with the tea bag, feel free to toss it into your compost bin, as these babies are completely biodegradable! 


50% Ginger, 50% Ginseng

Frequently asked questions

What is ginseng?

Like ginger, ginseng is also a root that many believe possesses impressive health benefits. Used for years in Chinese herbal medicine, ginseng is commonly ingested as a health supplement and has become increasingly popular in the West. Ginseng is traditionally thought to bolster the immune system, improve cognitive function, and stave away tiredness. 

Can I put my Nutra Tea Ginseng & Ginger Tea tea bags in the compost?

These environmentally-friendly Ginseng & Ginger Tea bags from Nutra Tea are 100% biodegradable, which means that you can sling them straight into the compost bin once you’re finished with them. These tea bags will degrade naturally over time along with your vegetable peelings and other compost bits, leaving no nasty toxins in the atmosphere.