Mason's - Dog Oil for Massaging, 100g

Mason's - Dog Oil for Massaging, 100g
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Mason's - Dog Oil for Massaging, 100g

Brand - Mason's
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Quick Description

Mason’s Dog Oil is a blend of natural rapeseed oil and petroleum jelly to form the perfect massage oil that can be used on both people and pets.

Key Information

  • Can be used on humans or animals
  • Odour-free
  • Natural ingredients
  • Helps alleviate joint pain and arthritis
  • Ingredients not tested on animals

Product Overview

Mason’s Dog Oil is an odour-free massage oil that has been created by blending just two natural ingredients: rapeseed oil and petroleum jelly.

This beautiful Dog Oil from Mason’s has been carefully crafted to ensure that it isn’t too slippery nor overly drying, making it the perfect oil for massaging your pup!

You can use Mason’s Dog Oil for Massaging on any part of the body to relax or help alleviate joint pain and symptoms of arthritis. What’s even better is that it’s suitable for use on both people and animals.


Brassica Oleifera (Rape Oil), Petrolatum (Petroleum Jelly)

Frequently Asked Questions

What was Mason’s Dog Oil developed for?

Mason’s dog oil was initially developed as a massage oil for racing greyhounds, to rub on their muscles before and after a race to improve muscle tone and flexibility. The creators then realised that the oil was alleviating aches and pains and thus Mason’s Dog Oil for Massaging was born!