LoofCo - Coconut Fibre Bottle Brush

LoofCo - Coconut Fibre Bottle Brush

Brand - LoofCo
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Quick Description

Finding it difficult to get your jars, bottles and tins squeaky clean? Get one of LoofCo’s Coconut Fibre Bottle Brushes and struggle no more!

Key Information

  • Flexible Bottle Brush
  • Made with Coconut Fibre
  • Handmade and versatile
  • Recyclable and biodegradable
  • Made in Sri Lanka

Product Overview

LoofCo’s Coconut Fibre Bottle Brush is a handmade tool for handwashing your jars and bottles. It can also scrub clean tins!

LoofCo’s Coconut Fibre Bottle Brush comes with a rubberwood handle, rustproof and galvanised metal core, and rope loop. The great thing about it is that it’s recyclable and biodegradable! That’s right - even the metal is recyclable! Oh, and did we mention that the packaging is 100% plastic-free?

Even better than all this, however, is the length and shape of the Coconut Fibre Brush. It’s long enough so that it can clean the bottom of most bottles with ease and curved at the end so that it can efficiently scrub when needed. It’s perfectly designed for all your bottle cleaning needs!


Coconut Fibre, Rubberwood Handle, Galvanised Metal Core, Rope Loop
Contains: Coconut

Frequently Asked Questions

Are LoofCo’s Coconut Fibre Bottle Brushes durable?

When properly taken care of, the brush can last you a long time. That means keeping it dry when not in use and keeping it free from any food residue. Being made with recyclable and biodegradable materials in no way means that it’s flimsy!