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Quick Description

Biodegradable and plastic-free, LoofCo’s Body Loofah expands when wet to make a naturally soft and exfoliating shower sponge. 

Key Information

  • Natural sponge made from luffa plant
  • Expands when wet to make a soft sponge
  • Use with soap or shower gel
  • Made in Egypt for a fair wage
  • Compostable and biodegradable

Product Overview

Naturally plastic-free, treat yourself to nature’s best way to wash with LoofCo’s Body Loofah. 

Made from the luffa plant, this loofah is biodegradable and recyclable, making it the perfect alternative to plastic-based sponges and brushes. Made with sustainable raw luffa, this Loofah will last for months. Simply squeeze out extra water between uses to keep it fresh. 

Naturally exfoliating, this loofah expands and softens in water to gently cleanse your body with your chosen soap or shower gel. 

Each Loofah is handmade in Egypt using traditional techniques by workers earning a fair wage. 


Luffa plant

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wash my LoofCo Body Loofah in the washing machine?

Yes, just be sure to wash it on a gentle cold water cycle so that it is not damaged and the natural fibres do not disintegrate. 

What do I do with my LoofCo Body Loofah when it’s done with?

When your loofah reaches its natural end, it can be composted. 

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LoofCo - Body Loofah
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