LoofCo - Back Scrubber Loofah

LoofCo - Back Scrubber Loofah

Brand - LoofCo
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Quick Description

LoofCo’s Back Scrubber Loofah is simple, 100% natural, sustainable, and makes for an excellent addition to your beauty bath & body supplies. Goodbye dry skin!

Key information

  • Effective skin exfoliator made from the sustainable loofah plant 
  • Hand made ethically in Egypt
  • Biodegradable
  • Plastic-free
  • 100% natural

Body care and bath accessories can often be laden with plastic and artificial nonsense. Not LoofCo’s Back Scrubber Loofah! 

Hand made from the sustainable loofah plant, this body care essential removes unwanted dry skin and keeps your body glowing and fresh. 

Totally natural, free from plastic and completely biodegradable, LoofCo’s Back Scrubber Loofah is ideal for folks who want to keep their skin at its best whilst keeping our precious planet earth in mind. 

Enjoy pampering yourself with this lovely loofah knowing you’re not contributing to toxic plastic waste! 


Loofah plant, Egyptian cotton

Frequently asked questions

Why is loofah a sustainable material?

The loofah plant grows worldwide: East Asia, Central America, India and Egypt all grow plenty of loofah plants for commercial purposes. This plant is a sustainable material because it grows bountifully and by virtue of being a plant - it can be regrown again and again. Comparably, the materials that make plastic are a finite resource, so are not sustainable. Because the loofah is made of plant-based materials, it biodegrades into the soil and leaves no toxic trace.