Hydrophil - Blue Ceramic Handmade Toothbrush Holder

Hydrophil - Blue Ceramic Handmade Toothbrush Holder
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Hydrophil - Blue Ceramic Handmade Toothbrush Holder

Brand - Hydrophil
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Quick Description

This perfect little 100% ceramic toothbrush holder helps to keep your toothbrush clean and looks gorgeous in your bathroom! Oh, and did we mention it's handmade?

Key information

  • Handy toothbrush holder made from 100% ceramic 
  • Handmade by people with disabilities
  • Keeps your toothbrush head off bathroom surfaces
  • Comes in recycled packaging

Product overview

Keep your toothbrush as dirt-free as possible with this toothbrush holder!

If you’re looking for the perfect addition to your oral care and beauty bath and body products, you’ve found it with this adorable Blue Ceramic Handmade Toothbrush Holder from Hydrophil. A wonderful sky blue, this little holder is made from 100% high-quality ceramic and handmade by people with disabilities in Germany. 

Not just beautiful, this toothbrush holder is useful, too. Popping your sustainable toothbrushes in this holder means your toothbrushes will stand up rather than lying flat on your bathroom surfaces, which no matter how clean you keep them, are always going to harbour a degree of bacteria. 

Also great for avoiding lengthy searches in the dark for your toothbrush on tired nighttime bathroom visits, you’ll find your toothbrush in no time with Hydrophil’s toothbrush holder. On top of all this, it comes in recycled packaging. Winning!


100% Ceramic

Frequently asked questions 

Is a toothbrush holder better than a toothbrush cover?

Some people like to use plastic toothbrush covers to ‘protect’ their toothbrush heads from germs and bacteria. In fact, toothbrush covers create a moist environment for the toothbrush head to harbour germs. It’s much better for your toothbrush and therefore your oral health to keep your toothbrush in the open so it can be air-dried. So yes, toothbrush holders are better to use than toothbrush covers.