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Hydrophil - Bamboo Tongue Cleaner Brush

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Quick Description

Sustainable and climate neutral, Hydrophil’s Bamboo Tongue Cleaner keeps both your mouth and the environment thoroughly clean! Plastic and BPA-free.

Key Information

  • Tongue cleaner
  • Made of sustainable bamboo
  • Climate-neutral and plastic-free
  • Free of BPA and petroleum
  • Recyclable packaging

Product Overview

We all brush our teeth, but it’s easy to forget our tongues! Keep your mouth in tip-top shape with Hydrophil’s Bamboo Tongue Cleaner. 

The extra flat brush head design makes removing plaque and bacteria from your tongue a breeze, even at the back! Say goodbye to lingering smells and say hello to thoroughly fresh breath!

Made of bamboo and bio nylon bristles, the Hydrophil Tongue Cleaner is climate-neutral and plastic-free. Manufactured responsibly in China, it’s also BPA and petroleum-free and comes packaged in recyclable cardboard. 

To use, brush over the tongue with light pressure from back to front. If used regularly, change along with your toothbrush every 3 months.


handle: 100 % bamboo
bristles: bio nylon on castor oil basis

Frequently Asked Questions

Why avoid plastic?

Plastic takes around 500 years to break down, and most are produced from crude oil! Hydrophil thinks the use of plastic should be carefully considered and greatly minimised, which is why it creates plastic-free products, such as this Bamboo Tongue Cleaner!

Client Reviews

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Hydrophil - Bamboo Tongue Cleaner Brush
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