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Higher Nature - Vitamin D3 2000iu, 120 Capsules

Higher Nature - Vitamin D3 2000iu, 120 Capsules

Brand - Higher Nature
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Quick Description

Higher Nature - Vitamin D3 contains 120 vegan capsules that provide a higher strength of 2000iu active vitamin D. One bottle lasts you 4 months!

Key Information 

  • Vegan capsules
  • Higher-strength vitamin D
  • Supports the Immune system
  • Suitable for age over 13
  • 120 capsules lasting 4 months

Product Overview

It is known that many people in the UK have low levels of vitamin D which is a nutrient we all need. Higher Nature’s Vitamin D3 is for those of us looking for a higher strength vitamin D. The vegan capsules provide 2000iu of the active form of the vitamin!

Vitamin D is an essential vitamin we all need, and deficiency is pretty common. Less exposure to the sun causes a lack of this essential vitamin for your body. Vitamin D can be hard to source throughout the winter months and even harder through food.

That’s why you need Higher Nature’s Vitamin D3 2000iu vegan capsules! These vegan capsules provide a 4-month supply to support your immune system. They’re formulated with vitamin K2 for the best support your body could ask for.


Adults and children over 13 take 1 capsule a day with food.


Sunflower seed oil, capsule (glycerine, modified starch, carrageenan, vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol).

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s so great about Higher Nature?

Higher Nature has been on the market for over 20 years - a truly unique brand following ethical values and producing high-quality products. They use the best possible ingredients to fuel your body with goodness, creating excellent products like the Vitamin D3 2000iu Capsules. Sounds good to us!

Client Reviews

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Higher Nature - Vitamin D3 2000iu, 120 Capsules
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