Hifas Da Terra - Mico-Rei Reishi, 30 Capsules

Hifas Da Terra - Mico-Rei Reishi, 30 Capsules
Hifas Da Terra - Mico-Rei Reishi, 30 Capsules - back
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Hifas Da Terra - Mico-Rei Reishi, 30 Capsules

Brand - Hifas Da Terra
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Quick Description

Hifas Da Terra delivers the ultimate supplement; these Mico-Rei Reishi capsules are packed with bioactive ingredients, reishi mushroom and vitamin C. 

Key Information

  • Pure, organic reishi supplement
  • With added vitamin C
  • Free from gluten and GMOs
  • Sustainable glass bottle

Product Overview

Let us introduce you to this Mico-Rei Reishi supplement from Hifas Da Terra, which is made with organic reishi mushroom.

Reishi mushroom has been traditionally used for centuries to support the immune system and fight infections. These Mico-Rei Reishi capsules from Hifas Da Terra contain pure organic reishi and added vitamin C. These capsules deliver many healthy bioactive ingredients that come from the reishi mushroom. 

Hifas Da Terra’s organic Mico-Rei Reishi is free from gluten and GMOs and it is packed in a sustainable and recyclable glass jar. The suggested dose is two capsules a day. 


Each capsule contains 495 mg pure organic Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) extract and 35.29 mg of Vitamin C. 100% purple vegetable capsule. Bioactive ingredients: Polysaccharides 577 mg, β-glucans (β-(1-3),(1-6) D-glucans 267 mg, α-glucans 139 mg, α-linolenic acid C18:3n6 (Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid) 1.78 mg, Triterpenoid compounds 54 mg, Ergosterol 414 μg, Ganoderic Acid A, F, C2, D 4.77 μg, Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) 12 mg. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone take these Hifas Da Terra’s Mico-Rei Reishi capsules?

If you are allergic to mushrooms, do not consume these Mico-Rei Reishi capsules. Hifas Da Terra has formulated these capsules for adults and kids above the age of 6. If you have a medical condition, always consult a health professional before taking supplements.