Hambleden Herbs - Organic Hibiscus Tea, 45g

Hambleden Herbs - Organic Hibiscus Tea, 45g

Brand - Hambleden
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Quick Description

Feel soothed and refreshed with Hambleden Herbs Organic Hibiscus Tea! Sipping on this bright pink drink is the perfect way to unwind.

Key information

  • 100% pure, organic tea
  • Calming 
  • No added flavours or colours
  • Vegan

Product Overview

Need an organic, herbal tea to leave you feeling calm but not drowsy? Then grab yourself a box of Hambleden Herbs Organic Hibiscus Tea.

This tea has a naturally vivid pink colour and a fruity yet sharp taste that will please and refresh the senses. Hibiscus tea is sometimes known as ‘sour tea’ because of its slightly tart taste - so it’s a great way to feel energised! Enjoy this Organic Hibiscus Tea as a hot drink or iced on a warm summer's day.

So what is hibiscus tea? You might know hibiscus as a brightly coloured flower, but as an ingredient, it has potentially great health benefits. Some studies have suggested that hibiscus could help conditions such as high blood pressure. It might also be good for relieving upset stomachs, fevers and cold symptoms! Hibiscus contains antioxidants that are important for maintaining a healthy immune system - we can’t see a reason not to drink it!

Hambleden Herbs Teas are 100% pure and organic teas using the bare minimum of ingredients because this brand believes that a delicious tasting cuppa doesn’t need any additives! And we have to say, we agree!


Organic Hibiscus Flower

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s so great about Hambleden Herbs?

Here at PlantX, we love Hambleden Herbs because of its conscious effort to improve itself as a brand and become more sustainable. Hambleden Herbs is changing its tea bags to a biodegradable format and will no longer be using strings, tags or envelopes to reduce waste. Hambleden Herbs also wants to change its packaging to environmentally friendly materials. We love a brand that makes efforts to be sustainable!

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