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Greencane - 2 Ply Kitchen Towels, 2 Rolls

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Greencane - 2 Ply Kitchen Towels, 2 Rolls

Brand - Greencane
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Quick Description

Made with love for the planet, Greencane’s 2 Ply Kitchen Towels are super absorbent and made from recycled and sustainably sourced materials.

Key information

  • Made from recycled sugarcane, sustainable bamboo and wood pulp
  • Biodegradable
  • Compostable packaging
  • Free from plastic, chlorine, BPAs and fragrances

Product overview

If you’re looking for paper towels that are genuinely environmentally friendly, you’ve found it with 2 Ply Kitchen Towels from Greencane. Great for mopping up any manner of kitchen spillages, these absorbent paper towels are strong and reliable.

Now for the eco-friendly credentials. Made from 70% sustainable bamboo and recycled sugarcane along with 30% sustainable wood pulp, these Kitchen Towels are biodegradable and come in entirely compostable packaging.

Including these Kitchen Towels in your household supplies at home means you’ll leave no mark on mother nature!

Free from plastic, chlorine, BPA, fragrances, inks and other chemical nonsense, you’re just getting the pure good stuff with Greencane’s 2 Ply Kitchen Towels.


70% Sustainable Bamboo and Recycled Sugarcane, 30% Sustainable Wood Pulp

Frequently asked questions

What makes bamboo and sugarcane sustainable?

These materials are types of grass that grow on quick cycles, so you can harvest a crop of bamboo or sugarcane to make things with the knowledge that the plants will grow back rapidly.

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Greencane - 2 Ply Kitchen Towels, 2 Rolls
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