Greencane - 2 Ply Facial Tissues, 90 Sheets

Greencane - 2 Ply Facial Tissues, 90 Sheets
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Greencane - 2 Ply Facial Tissues, 90 Sheets

Brand - Greencane
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Quick Description

Made from sugarcane, these 2 Ply Facial Tissues from Greencane are made with mother nature in mind! They’re paper tissues you can feel good about.

Key information

  • 100% biodegradable facial tissues
  • Made from sugarcane: a sustainable source of material
  • Free from ink, fragrances and plastic
  • Non-GMO

Product overview

Greencane’s 2 Ply Facial Tissues are an excellent choice for the eco-conscious of us. These soft 2 Ply tissues are made using a mixture of sugarcane and bamboo fibre: sustainable and environmentally friendly materials due to their quick cycles of regrowth.

Free from inks, fragrances and plastic, these paper towels from Greencane are essential for your household supplies. Made using non-GMO materials, they are kind to the planet and gentle on your skin. On top of all that, they’re even 100% biodegradable!

So, if you’re looking for sustainable and eco-friendly paper towels for your home, you can’t get better than Greencane’s 2 Ply Facial Tissues.

Wipe your face, blow your nose, or clean up spillages with these soft and absorbent tissues.


Recycled Sugarcane, Bamboo Fibre

Frequently asked questions

Why are bamboo and sugarcane sustainable?

Bamboo and sugarcane are types of grass found in the tropics and subtropics of the world. They are sustainable sources of material because they grow very quickly, so you can harvest crops knowing there will be new growth soon!