Four Sigmatic - Mushroom Cacao Mix with Reishi, 10 Sachets

Four Sigmatic - Mushroom Cacao Mix with Reishi, 10 Sachets

Brand - Four Sigmatic
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Quick Description

Relax, unwind and indulge in warming hot cocoa made from Mother Nature’s goodness with Four Sigmatic’s Mushroom Cacao Mix with Reishi. Organic, fairtrade, and delicious.

Key Information

  • Organic - Kind to our earth
  • Fairtrade - Respect for farmers and workers
  • Soya-Free, Gluten-Free, and Vegan 
  • 2g added sugar
  • Third Party Lab Tested

Product Overview

Nothing can beat a toasty Hot Chocolate at bedtime. Well… nothing other than Hot Chocolate made from our favourite mighty super-food, mushroom. That’s where Four Sigmatic’s Mushroom Cacao Mix with Reishi comes in. 

A delicious, warming evening treat that sends you to the kind of deep sleep that transforms your mornings as well as your dreams. 

100% vegan, fairtrade and organic, it’s kind to your insides as well as your tastebuds. Conveniently packaged up in a sachet that’s all ready to go, simply add hot water, leave the day behind you and give your body and mind the relaxation they deserve.


Organic Reishi mushroom(500 mg per serving), Organic cacao powder, Organic coconut palm sugar, Organic cinnamon, Organic cardamom, Organic stevia.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to make the perfect cup of Four Sigmatic Mushroom Reishi Hot Cacao? 

Simply pour the contents of one sachet into your favourite mug. Add hot water. If you like your hot chocolate the European way, let it cool for a few minutes and drink away. Or, for extra creamy comfort, add a splash of your favourite plant milk. 

The rest is up to you. Change into fresh pajamas and fuzzy socks. Curl up with a good book. Or, run a warm bubble bath. Whatever it is that helps you unwind, you deserve it. Remember, a good bedtime starts with a good routine.