F.E.T.E - Cotton & Bamboo Swabs, 100 Cotton Buds

F.E.T.E - Cotton & Bamboo Swabs, 100 Cotton Buds
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F.E.T.E - Cotton & Bamboo Swabs, 100 Cotton Buds

Brand - F.E.T.E
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Quick Description

These Cotton & Bamboo Swabs are the environmentally friendly cotton bud. An essential for your bathroom cabinet, they’re convenient without harming the planet.

Key Information

  • 100 swabs
  • Chemical-free cotton
  • 100% biodegradable
  • 100% compostable
  • No plastic

Product Overview

These Cotton and Bamboo Cotton Swabs from F.E.T.E (From Earth To Earth) are just the answer for those looking for a practical cotton bud that doesn’t contribute to the overflow of plastic waste polluting our beautiful planet. 

Made exclusively from natural materials, this is a cotton bud that doesn’t leave you feeling guilty. They are made from Moso Bamboo and cotton. And best of all? Even the cotton is grown with no added chemicals in the production process. 

These Cotton and Bamboo Swabs from F.E.T.E are fully biodegradable and come in a sleek, recycled package. For the eco-conscious consumer, they’re a no brainer!


Moso Bamboo, Cotton

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Moso Bamboo?

Moso Bamboo is no ordinary bamboo. It matures over about five years and makes fibres that are harder and denser than your average bamboo. This makes it the perfect material for products that need to hold their shape. Where other bamboos provide flexibility, Moso provides strength and integrity, which is perfect for F.E.T.E’s Cotton & Bamboo Swabs.

And Moso is also super environmentally friendly. You can harvest the bamboo without damaging the mother plant, and it grows at unbelievably high speeds. In fact, it’s the most rapidly growing plant on the planet. So there’s plenty to go around!