Dr Stuart's - Valerian Plus, 15 Sachets Pack of 4

Dr Stuart's - Valerian Plus, 15 Sachets Pack of 4

Brand - Dr Stuart's
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Quick Description

Feel your mind and body unwind with a sip of Dr Stuart’s Valerian Plus tea! The soothing blend of ingredients will leave you feeling calm and collected.

Key Information

  • Caffeine-free
  • Natural sleep aid
  • Blends created by world-leading ethnobotanist
  • The most prized parts of the plant are used
  • 15% less packaging than before
  • Not recommended for children

Product Overview

Let your senses feel soothed with a comforting cup of Dr Stuart’s Valerian Plus tea. It’s the perfect way to unwind after a long day and prepare your body and mind for a long, restful night of sleep.

This caffeine-free tea from Dr Stuart’s combines a special blend of carefully selected high-quality ingredients. This particular Valerian Plus tea contains Active Botanicals, meaning only the best herbs and the most prized parts of these plants are used. That’s what makes this tea so fresh, flavourful and aromatic.

We just love these ingredients. Valerian root is linked to relaxation, improved sleep quality and reduced anxiety, making this the perfect before-bed cuppa! Similarly, lime flowers and passionflowers have been praised for their potentially calming properties!

For the best results when drinking this Dr Stuart’s Valerian Plus, leave the teabag to brew for at least five minutes. If you want to lock even more goodness in, cover the mug while it’s brewing.


Lime flowers, Valerian Root (20%), Hops, Passion Flowers, Fennel

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Valerian Root?

Valerian root is a herb native to Europe and Asia that has been used for its medicinal qualities since ancient times. Research has suggested that it helps improve stress response and promotes feelings of calmness.