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Clearspring - Organic Oatcakes Sea Vegetable & Black Pepper, 200g

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Quick Description

Wonderfully crumbly and delicious, the vegan-friendly Clearspring Organic Oatcakes Sea Vegetable & Black Pepper are taking the world by storm!

Key Information

  • Vegan-friendly oatcakes
  • Seasoned with sea vegetable and black pepper
  • High in fibre and wheat-free
  • No added sugar and dairy-free
  • Made with organic ingredients

Product Overview

Clearspring’s vegan-friendly Organic Oatcakes Sea Vegetable & Black Pepper are the ultimate oatcakes. These wheat-free, low sugar discs of deliciousness are just what you need when you start feeling a bit peckish!

Made with amazing, organic ingredients, these oatcakes are a fibre gold mine with absolutely no added sugar. With lovely warming hits of black pepper and garlic, the sea vegetable adds a wonderfully savoury, spicy element that creates a delightful snacking experience.

The best part about these dairy-free oatcakes is how versatile they are. Pairing beautifully with sweet and savoury, you can enjoy anything your heart desires on them. Whether it’s creamy, homemade guacamole or tahini spread, or with a simple, mashed banana, these oatcakes are sure to hit the spot!


Oatmeal (84%), Olive Oil, Seagreens Hebridean Wild Wrack Seaweed (1.5%), Sea Salt, Raising Agent: Sodium Bicarbonate, Garlic, Cracked Black Pepper.
Allergens: Oats. May contain traces of nuts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Clearspring dealing with its plastic packaging?

Clearspring is dedicated to finding more environmentally friendly packaging. The company has started already by replacing some packaging with compostable inner bags and recyclable outer boxes, as well as relaunching the Organic Japanese Teas in compostable teabags and recyclable packaging. No Clearspring packaging contains BPA and the team is looking for compostable alternatives to the plastic film, too.

Client Reviews

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Clearspring - Organic Oatcakes Sea Vegetable & Black Pepper, 200g
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