Clearspring - Organic Date Syrup, 300g

Clearspring - Organic Date Syrup, 300g - front
Clearspring - Organic Date Syrup, 300g
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Clearspring - Organic Date Syrup, 300g

Brand - Clearspring
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Quick Description

Clearspring’s vegan-friendly Organic Date Syrup is a great, natural sweetener that will enhance all sorts of plant-based beverages and sweet treats.

Key Information

  • Delicious, organic date syrup
  • Vegan-friendly option
  • Perfect for hot drinks, desserts, and baking
  • Free from fat and saturated fat
  • Absolutely no yeast
  • No added alcohol

Product Overview

Looking for a tasty, rich, natural sweetener that is also packed full of nutrients? Then Clearspring’s vegan-friendly Organic Date Syrup is what you are going to want to try. Made with organic dates and absolutely nothing else, you can be sure of a pure and satisfying syrup. 

There is no added alcohol, yeast, fat, or saturated fat in this syrup. Just all that natural, nutritious good stuff that dates give you. And when you’ve used up every last drop of this delectable syrup, the jar is completely reusable and recyclable.

Clearspring’s Organic Date Syrup can be used and enjoyed in a whole bunch of different ways; it’s delicious drizzled over some vegan pancakes or french toast, on oatmeal, or some vegan yoghurt. It is also an incredible alternative to sugar in baking; it’ll add a rich, almost caramel-y flavour to your baked goods. 


Dates* (100%). 
*Organically Grown.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Clearspring packaging contain BPA?

BPA stands for bisephenol A. It is an industrial chemical that is often used to make certain types of plastics, including polycarbonate plastics. These kinds of plastics are used for foods and beverages, like plastic water bottles. Given the alarming and destructive rise in littering, particularly in aquatic and marine life, Clearspring has committed to limiting the number of plastics used in its packaging. All Clearspring packaging, including its Organic Date Syrup, is completely BPA-free, and the brand is working on improving the sustainability of its packaging.