Broma - Organic Cacao Drinking Chocolate, 250ml

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Broma - Organic Cacao Drinking Chocolate, 250ml

Brand - Broma Foods
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Quick Description

Delicious and nutritious, enjoy Broma’s Organic Cocoa Drinking Chocolate stirred into hot or cold milk. Grab a cup and make yours, today!

Key information

  • One pouch makes 16 delicious hot chocolates
  • Just stir one heaped teaspoon into hot or cold milk and enjoy!
  • Tastes great added into cooking recipes, porridge and desserts
  • Made from organic goodness and free from refined sugars
  • Completely plant-based and only all-natural ingredients

Product overview 

Ever wondered what a healthy drinking sauce looks like? You’ve found it. Broma’s Organic Cocoa Drinking Chocolate is a deliciously rich chocolate sauce. The star of the show, Peruvian Criollo raw cacao, is sweetened with organic dates and yacon syrup. Not only is it naturally free from gluten and soy but also completely free from refined sugars!

And the goodness doesn’t stop there! Broma’s Organic Drinking Chocolate is a much healthier alternative. It’s a great source of iron and protein and packed with antioxidants, fibre, magnesium and potassium. Now you can enjoy a delicious chocolate drink with all the health benefits, too!

Enjoy Broma’s award-winning Organic Cocoa Drinking Chocolate stirred into cold or hot milk. Why not try it as a topping for your porridge or pancakes? It even tastes delicious in your morning smoothies and shakes! Its luxuriously deep chocolate flavour is perfect for just about anything.


Add one heaped teaspoon into your plant-based milk of choice. We recommend oat milk for that extra rich, full texture!
Store in a cool, dry place. Consume within 8 weeks once opened.


Raw cacao*, date syrup*, yacon syrup*, water, Himalayan pink salt 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is yacon syrup in Broma’s Organic Cacao Drinking Chocolate?

Yacon syrup is sourced from Yacon root. It looks very much like a sweet potato and grows natively in South America. The syrup is made from reduced yacon juice and has a sweet taste with thick, dark consistency. It’s delicious and has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries. The syrup is made up of around 40-50% fructans, which is an excellent source of dietary fibre. These fructans are used to feed the friendly bacteria in our digestive system, which have been linked to many health benefits.