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What do you need? You need something that cleanses, moisturises and keeps your skin looking radiant… There’s a whole world of possibilities out there for skincare!

The best thing to do is start with what you need the most and work your way up. Starting a routine may be tiresome at first, but once you get the hang of it you’ll be thanking yourself!

PlantX has a number of vegan facial products to help you out. This is the best place to buy organic skin products!

One Brand to Rule them All?

Should you mix products from different brands or should you just stick to one? There’s no clear answer for this because that really depends on you! Maybe you like using a toner from Brand X and like using a cream from Brand Y. If those vegan facial products work for you, then that’s great!

If you’re just starting out, it may be best to stick to one brand and then personalise your collection as you go. That way, you can check on which product works or not. You won’t know until you try! Or you could always speak to the experts.


I have very very sensitive skin and find it hard to look for products. What can I do?

More often than not, preservatives and fragrances are what make your skin react to things. Luckily, we love clean ingredients here on our site!

One great tip is to always look at the packaging. Make sure it ticks all your boxes - for example, is it suitable for sensitive skin and fragrance-free? Everyone has their own list, so make sure you check yours.

After you’ve checked the main labels, check the ingredients. If you have any specific allergies, now’s the time to check for them. If they all look good to you, then it’s time to try it out!

One of our favourite vegan face products is Green People’s organic Anti Ageing 24 Hour Cream!

I find that most products are too harsh for me! Is there a solution for that?

Of course, there is! As always, everyone is built differently. Some have more sensitive skin than others and this is why most products available in the market may not be suited for you. 

Always look for a “gentle” option. You’ll find that a lot of products have a regular and a mild or gentle option. Chances are, there are some companies that skip making the regular option altogether and focus specifically on sensitive skin, too!

We’re also big on checking the ingredient list! If the bottle or pack doesn’t say what allergen it is free from, we always like to read the ingredient breakdown. You always have to give your skin the best chance it can get!

It’s always a good idea to have a reliable cleanser. Green People also makes a great organic skin product specially designed for sensitive skin. Check out the Organic Gentle Cleanse & Make-up Remover.

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