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How Are Vegan Coffee Drinks Made?

The art of coffee making has never been more popular. The same goes for vegan coffee drinks. No longer will you have to settle for thick, overly sweet coffee drinks offering more buzz from the sugar than the caffeine. Vegan coffee drinks these days are artisanal-style brews that pack an impressive caffeine-punch! 

The best plant-based organic coffee drinks are made with the finest single origin coffee. Expert brewing techniques are then used to create fabulously full flavoured coffee. For example, super-hyped cold brew coffee is brewed over hours to create a smooth low-acidity high caffeine brew. Barista-style plant milk or filtered water may be added and that’s pretty much it! Check out the ingredient lists on our vegan coffee drinks and you’ll discover the lack of unnecessary additives, flavourings or emulsifiers - just pure plant-powered goodness

Are Plant-Based Coffee Drinks Healthy?

As we’ve mentioned, there was a time when ready-to-drink vegan coffee drinks were packed full of sugar, artificial flavourings and other nasties. To that we say: no more! Here at PlantX, we work hard to source the best plant-based coffee drinks that are a great source of clean, green caffeine. 

In fact, studies show that high quality coffee drinks are actually a source of B vitamins, magnesium and beneficial polyphenols. 

We have plenty of sugar-free options, organic options and low acidity cold-brews to help you find a plant-based coffee drink that works for your health and wellness goals. 

What Are The Benefits of Vegan Coffee Drinks? 

  • Ready to Drink

Vegan coffee drinks are perfect for when you want (or need!) a delicious caffeine infusion but don’t have time to be faffing around with grinders, filters and measuring spoons. Quicker than instant coffee and a thousand times more satisfying, a plant-based coffee drink is a busy plant-based person’s best friend. 

  • Brewed by Experts 

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we just don’t have the time, equipment or know-how to create barista-style vegan coffee at home. Vegan coffee drinks and organic coffee drinks are created by experts so you can enjoy your favourite iced oat milk latte without a trip to the coffee shop. 

  • 100% Dairy-Free 

Even if cafés have dairy-free options, you often have to pay extra to get plant-based milk with your coffee. Also, there’s usually a whole lot of dairy milk flying around the coffee machine, and not all baristas will use different jugs for different types of milk. With the best vegan coffee drinks, you can be sure that your plant-based brew is 100% free from dairy contamination. 

How to Select the Best Vegan Coffee Drink For You

With such a diverse array of the best vegan and organic coffee drinks available here at PlantX, it can be tricky to pick a favourite! Here are a few top tips to choose the perfect plant-based coffee drink for you…

  • Picture your ideal coffee… 

Whether you love a smooth, black and intense morning caffeine-hit, or a rich and creamy afternoon sip, we’ve got the ideal coffee drink for you. And, if you prefer a coffee drink alternative like matcha or beet latte, we’ve got you covered as well! 

  • Are you an at-home or on-the-go kind of coffee drinker? 

Pick the best coffee drink to suit your lifestyle. We’ve got canned vegan coffee drinks perfect for enjoying on the go. Or we’ve got multi-use cartons to keep in the fridge or instant powders to prepare at home - just mix your plant-based coffee drink with your favourite dairy-free milk and sip slowly in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Vegan Coffee Drinks: Top Picks 

This vegan coffee drink is a premium blend of speciality single-origin coffee brewed in an East London microbrewery with barista standard Oat M*lk. Add cocoa and you’ve got a naturally rich and chocolatey coffee that you can enjoy hot or cold whenever you fancy. 

This convenient coffee drink brings barista-standard latte home! This deliciously creamy latte is a smooth blend of single-origin Colombian coffee and barista standard Oat M*lk. Enjoy steamed, frothy and warm, or poured over ice for a chilled treat. 

For a low-acidity coffee drink that’s ready when you are, these vegan coffee drinks are the bees knees. Bottleshot is proud to use sustainably grown coffee-beans in their 18 hour steeped brew, and support some seriously cool environmental initiatives. Choose from Classic Black or Creamy Oat Milk. 

Free from dairy and gluten, this vegan matcha latte is sweet, creamy and infused with organic Madagascan vanilla. If you’re not a fan of classic coffee drinks, try this instant latte mix for a hit of clean, green caffeine. 

Packed with beneficial probiotics, here’s another alternative vegan coffee drink for those who prefer something a little lighter. Made with coconut milk, fermented beetroot powder and ginger extract, this caffeine-free coffee drink alternative is ideal for your wellness routine. 

Start The Day Right With a Vegan Coffee Drink!

Whatever your schedule and however you prefer your morning wake-up ritual, we’ve got the plant-based coffee drink for you. With the finest single origin, organic and ethically sourced coffee beans, barista-style plant milk and sustainable packaging, vegan coffee drinks are the best brain juice for busy vegans. Picture your ideal coffee drink, whether mocha, matcha or nitro-brew, and have a browse - we’ve got you covered! 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Is All Coffee Vegan?

While all coffee in its pure form is vegan, there are plenty of vegan coffee drinks out there that are not vegan. Non vegan coffee drinks often contain dairy products like milk and cream, as well as animal-derived flavourings. But you won’t find any of them here at PlantX! 

We are proud to stock the best vegan coffee drinks, made with premium ethically sourced coffee, creamy plant milk and plant-derived natural flavourings. 

Do Vegan Coffee Drinks Contain Caffeine?

They certainly do! Many of our vegan coffee drinks deliver a delicious dose of clean caffeine. In fact, cold brew coffee actually contains higher concentrations of caffeine than regular coffee due to the lengthy steeping process. 

If you’re looking for a decaffeinated brew for the afternoon, try our organic decaf coffee for a delicious organic coffee drink, ready to brew in a cafetiere or percolator. 

Is Flavoured Coffee Vegan?

Not all flavoured coffee is vegan. That’s because some commonly used natural flavourings such as vanilla and caramel may contain animal products. 

However, all of our flavoured coffee here at PlantX is 100% vegan. Our plant-based coffee drinks come in all sorts of flavours, including vanilla, mocha and more! 

Which Plant Milk Is Best For Coffee?

The jury’s out on which plant milk is best for vegan coffee drinks. These days, thanks to plant-based pioneering, there are so many fantastic options available. The best vegan coffee drinks use all kinds of artisanal plant milks, specially designed for coffee. 
We love barista oat milk for its impressive micro-foaming properties or almond milk for the rich, nutty flavour it brings to a vegan iced latte.

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