Whole Earth - Wakeup - Hot Guarana Drink, 125g

Whole Earth - Wakeup - Hot Guarana Drink, 125g

Brand - Whole Earth
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Quick Description

Whole Earth’s Hot Guarana Drink is a delicious and smooth coffee alternative, that’s high in caffeine. It’s time to Wakeup!

Key Information

  • Instant hot guarana drink
  • High caffeine content
  • Makes a delicious, full-bodied drink
  • A blend of cereal and guarana
  • No artificial anything

Product Overview

What’s Guarana? Nothing, what’s aguarana with you? We’re sorry for the joke, but we’re not sorry that we get to talk about Whole Earth’s Hot Guarana Drink!

Guarana is actually a plant native to Brazil. It’s best known for its seeds. In fact, its seeds are about the size of a coffee bean. This leads us to our next point - this Hot Guarana Drink from Whole Earth is a delicious coffee alternative!

Whole Earth’s Wakeup drink is made with malt and figs which give it its nutty aroma. The tasty bitterness? That’s from the chicory. And, of course, guarana gives it that wake-me-up goodness!

We think Whole Earth’s Wakeup Hot Guarana Drink is aptly named. It’ll certainly wake you up - no coffee alternative would be a good one if it couldn’t give you a boost! It is uplifting and full-bodied. If you want it creamier, you can add just that - creamer!


Barley (36%), Malted Barley (26%), Chicory, Rye (10%), Figs, Guarana (4%)
Allergens: Barley, Rye

Frequently Asked Questions

How much caffeine is in Whole Earth’s Wakeup Hot Guarana Drink?

Quite a bit! 100ml of this drink contains 18 grams of caffeine. That’s how it wakes you up!

How do I make myself a cup of Whole Earth’s Wakeup Hot Guarana Drink?

Add one or two teaspoons of the instant drink in a cup and add some boiled water. Feel free to add any milk or creamer of your choice!