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PlantX Eco Statement

At PlantX, our primary focus is protecting the planet we all share which is why we invest in eco-friendly packaging. We really do care about the environmental impact of our plant-based grocery store so have taken steps to reduce our carbon footprint.

We are aware that every small change that we make as a business adds up over time, so we promise to always pay attention to the finer details.

We aren’t perfect just yet, but we are constantly striving to improve our eco-friendly packaging and delivery methods so as to lower our carbon footprint whilst ensuring food arrives at your door in perfect condition and at the lowest possible price.

Our Promise To You

We promise to always be sensible and reasonable in our efforts to strike a happy balance between cost, damage-protection & the environment.

If you have any concerns, feedback or questions for us about our eco-friendly packaging, please reach out to our team through the Contact Us page.

Look inside our warehouse:

How do we package our products?

We aim to strike a balance between protecting your products, reducing our carbon footprint and keeping it affordable. Sometimes it can be hard to juggle these 3 parameters. Our main priority is to source sustainable packaging materials such as recycled,recyclable or biodegradable packaging.

We understand that for our customers, the line of what is acceptable will differ from person to person. We do our best to ensure that every packaging reason we make is well thought out and reasonable. At times it can be a bit of a toss-up. Is it better to use slightly more packaging or is it better to use less but risk the products arriving ruined?

We have modelled the environmental impact of our packaging and the potential costs of increasing and decreasing the amount of packaging. The impact of food going to waste usually winds up far higher than the higher impact of adequately protecting packages.

We continue to test, review and improve our packaging on a regular basis. If any of our customers have any packaging ideas they would like to share with us, we’d love to hear about them. If it’s something our team decides to pursue, we’ll send you a complimentary hamper as a token of our gratitude!

So what’s our packaging made of?

  • Boxes Our boxes are made of cardboard which is widely recycled and can also be reused and repurposed.
  • Void Fill (Small chips used to protect products inside the boxes) Although this looks like plastic, the void fill is, in fact, not polystyrene. It is biodegradable corn starch which is technically even edible! (Although we don’t advise eating it as it doesn’t taste that good… trust us, we’ve all tried it)

    Top Tip: If you’re looking for something along those lines but actually tasty, try Eat Real’s Lentil Chips, they’re delicious!

  • Saline-Filled Frozen Blocks Our chilled & frozen products are packed with saline-filled frozen “blocks” which can be safely defrosted and disposed of, or refrozen & re used. The plastic is widely recyclable, however, we’d love to find a plastic-free solution!

Refrigerated & Frozen Products

With regards to frozen products. This represents our greatest environmental challenge. We have two options:

  • Pack frozen products with dry ice. Dry ice is C02 in solid form. The sublimation of dry ice does not actually release any extra C02 into the atmosphere and does not contribute to the greenhouse effect. Whilst the use of dry ice does still have an environmental impact as it is energy intensive to solidify C02, it does have excellent cooling properties so will keep your frozen food frozen.
  • Use saline-filled frozen “blocks” with biodegradable or recycled materials as insulation. This is a cheaper solution but may result in thawing if there are delays or packages have further to travel.

Our Decision

Please rest assured that with every single order we receive, our team will assess the specific requirements of the order and will prepare parcels in the most environmental and cost effective manner but with product integrity & customer satisfaction as our number one priority.

Our Delivery Partner

We use FedEx as our fulfilment partner at present. We’re constantly researching the most efficient and carbon-positive partners. Learn more about FedEx’s steps towards sustainability here.

Did You Know: FedEx’s regional HQ in Holland is one of the Greenest buildings in Europe?

What can you do to help?

Talk to us

if you have any packaging ideas you’d like to share with us, reach out to our team through the Contact Us page.

Contact us

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle!

Naturally, orders with more items have a smaller carbon footprint per item, so rather than ordering once a week, why don’t you make one larger order fortnightly?

Be sure to reuse, compost and recycle all packaging, The saline blocks can be reused as ice packs if you refreeze them! The boxes can be used as a fun game for kids or to store belongings or send parcels in. Try and give them a new life before recycling!

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