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Dairy-free and gluten-free whipped cream or lactose-free whipped cream are such a sweet addition to the fridge. Have a little treat and add some vegan whipped cream on top. You deserve it. As always, if you’re looking to buy vegan whipped cream or vegan whipping cream, you can peruse our site. PlantX, your friendly online vegan marketplace, has it all!

Choose The Best Vegan Whipped Cream To Buy

Heavy cream has been around for years. So it makes sense that whipped cream has been around for a long time too! In fact, whipped cream was very common in the 16th century - most notably in Italy, Rome, and Belgium.

Back then, it was called milk cream snow. And we think that’s a great name, quite descriptive of whipped cream! While we can’t pinpoint when exactly vegan whipped cream was invented, there are some recipes on dairy-free whipped cream published in 1904. 

Dairy-based whipped cream can come in three forms. In our unofficial official list of vegan whipped cream variants, there is the homemade, instant, and frozen.

Homemade is one you’ll make by mixing vegan whipping cream yourself until you get the right consistency. We can add the ready-to-whip whipped creams here as well because you’ll essentially be whipping this dairy-free whipped cream at home!

Frozen is one you can usually get in a plastic tub at the supermarket. It might not be as fluffy as the others, but it’s no-fuss and ready to use.

The instant, possibly most recognizable for most folks, is the one you can get from those aerosol cans. Just a spritz and voila… vegan whipped cream!

Homemade, instant, frozen, aerosol… You can get lactose-free whipped cream in all these forms!

Try Out The Best Vegan Whipped Cream Recipe

Why buy vegan whipped cream when you can make your own? Lactose-free whipped cream can be made with a few ingredients that you can find in almost any supermarket. 

First up, let’s go easy. You can get store-bought vegan whipping cream or heavy cream and just start, well, whipping! You can do this with a whisk, although you’ll definitely give your arms a good workout. You can also use a hand mixer or any similar tool to make things a bit easier. Keep on mixing until you reach your desired consistency, preferably stiff peaks.

You can make dairy and lactose-free whipped cream at home a little fancier with the help of some chickpeas, too! You’ll need more ingredients for this recipe, such as a cup of chickpea water, cream of tartar, powdered sugar, and some vanilla extract. You won’t need a lot of these ingredients to make a good portion of vegan whipped cream.

Take your chickpea water (you can get some by buying a tin at the store) and a little bit of cream of tartar and start mixing them together. Again, a hand mixer is great for this and set that to low. If you notice some foaming, kick the setting up and let that whisk until you get some stiff peaks. 

Afterwards, just add the sugar and vanilla extract (not too much!) and continue to whisk for a couple of minutes. What you should end up with is delicious vegan whipped cream!

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do you make vegan whipped cream?

You can make your own vegan whipped cream by getting whippable cream like this one from Oatly. This is Oatly’s Whippable Vanilla Custard. It delivers a soft and fluffy texture with a little bit of sweet vanilla flavour. It saves you from collecting ingredients and measuring them and just provides you with tasty lactose-free whipped cream that’s ready to go.

You can always go the extra mile by trying out a recipe we mentioned earlier! Chickpea water, cream of tartar, vanilla extract and powdered sugar is all you need to blend up to make your own fresh batch of vegan whipped cream.

What’s in vegan whipped cream?

Vegan whipped cream is the non-dairy and animal-free alternative to whipped cream, a light and fluffy topping usually served on top of baked treats and drinks. Plant-based whipped cream is made with oils, coconut cream, or fatty coconut milk. Oils are used to imitate the texture of the real thing, while the cream and alternatives are meant to provide you with flavour.

You’ll find coconut and soy whipped cream alternatives most often as the two are quite affordable options. There are some vegan whipped cream alternatives made with aquafaba (aka chickpea water), too!

Another vegan whipped cream option is Oatly’s Whippable Creamy Oat. You can make this one at home! Plus, if you’re not exactly looking for dairy-free whipped cream right now this doubles as a double cream alternative.

Is there a gluten-free whipped cream I can get?

Yes, there is! One great vegan whipped cream you can get is Food Heaven’s Heavenly Whipped Dairy-Free Aerosol Cream. It’s dairy-free (of course), gluten-free, soy-free, kosher, and even halal. It ticks all the boxes!

What else can I use vegan whipped cream for?

Usually, plant-based whipped cream is enjoyed in desserts. These are your cakes, pies, and cupcakes. While they seem like a topping for after-meal desserts, they can make an appearance during breakfast time! Enjoy your vegan whipped cream on pancakes and waffles. As for beverages, vegan whipped cream is put on top of hot or iced coffee, too!

Do you have vegan whipping cream?

Like we said earlier, vegan whipping cream or plant-based whipped cream would most likely use coconuts as their main ingredients - much like these two vegan whipping creams! 
You can get Amaizin’s Organic Coconut Whipping Cream or a can of Biona’s Organic Coconut Whipping Cream. If you’re looking for whipped cream alternatives, these two are great options.

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