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Looking for vegan kids snacks? You’ve come to the right place! If you’ve experienced the many benefits of going vegan, passing the torch to your kids is the next best thing to do. While it’s unlikely to completely switch their diet overnight, slowly transitioning their food habits and including vegan kids snacks is a practical move towards a healthier lifestyle. The good news is that PlantX offers a wide selection of vegan kids snacks that they can munch on without getting overwhelmed with any drastic changes! From the tastiest granola bars, sweet fruit rolls, to vegan mac and cheese, you’ll have endless options of vegan snacks for kids and organic baby snacks for them to enjoy.

Start them young with vegan kids snacks and shop at PlantX for the best healthy vegan snacks for kids now!

Going Vegan: Is It a Good Choice for Kids?

There are endless options of vegan kids snacks out there. So, if you’re planning to incorporate veganism into your kids’ diet and lifestyle, having the proper knowledge and nutritional information is key. Remember, kids have different nutritional needs than adults. Adequate nutrition is vital for proper growth and development. Introducing vegan kids snacks can be a great place to start. 

To avoid any forms of nutritional deficiency, it is best to discuss with your paediatrician about the risks and benefits, as well as outlining a proper roadmap towards veganism for kids. What’s more, you also need to pay attention to what your kids love to eat and what vegan kids snacks they prefer. Unlike adults, kids are pickier with their meals. The challenge is to find a healthier substitute for the food they love, and to find vegan kids snacks to replace the snacks they have already grown to love.

And don’t worry, we hear you: no one wants the headache of drastic changes of going vegan, especially at a young age. The answer to this? A slow introduction to yummy vegan goodies and vegan kids snacks! At PlantX, we carry a wide selection of healthy vegan snacks for kids and organic baby snacks. Smoothly incorporate veganism into their diet with these irresistible treats and healthy vegan snacks.

The end goal is to find a healthier substitute for your kids’ favourite snacks without depriving them of having fun – as kids should! Explore the super yummy selection of healthy vegan snacks for kids now!

What are the Nutritional Value and Benefits of Healthy Vegan Snacks for Kids?

The first thing that goes to every parent’s mind is the benefits of veganism that their kids can reap. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Let’s dive in a little deeper on vegan snacks for kids, shall we? 

  • An excellent way to incorporate fruits and veggies into their diet – Let’s face it, most kids are super fussy with what they eat. It would take a miracle for many kids to have a bite of their spinach or broccoli. With vegan kids snacks and healthy snacks for kids, they could get the same amount of nutrients that they would normally get from a bowl of greens. It’s a healthy way to disguise nutrients in their favourite vegan kids snacks and treats.
  • May be good for heart health – Vegan food products and healthy vegan snacks aren’t just good sources of nutrients, they may also be linked to lower risks of cardiovascular diseases. The good news is that vegan snacks for kids are low in saturated fat and free from cholesterol. Incorporating organic baby snacks and healthy vegan snacks into their diet is a yummy way to veer away from bad eating habits.
  • May lower risk of type 2 diabetes Research shows that switching to a plant-based diet including healthy vegan snacks may help improve kids’ insulin sensitivity and be linked to a reduction of the overall risk of developing type 2 diabetes. But it doesn’t mean that kids can’t enjoy the yummy treats that they deserve! At PlantX, we carry a selection of sugar-free organic baby snacks and healthy vegan snacks that are super tasty and equally healthy.
  • The best way to make veganism a habit – The journey to a healthy vegan lifestyle is taking one baby step at a time. Starting with nutritious vegan kids snacks and healthy vegan snacks is the best way to introduce veganism to your children. 

Will Kids Get Enough Protein if they Eat Plant-Based?

One of the most common misconceptions about going vegan is the lack of protein sources. This doesn’t just apply to kids, but also adults. It is important to debunk this myth for parents to get comfortable with the idea of veganism for kids. Will they get enough protein if they eat plant-based? It’s a resounding yes!

Unlike what most people think, protein isn’t exclusive to meat and poultry. Yes, there is such a thing as plant-based protein. You have a wide selection of beans, nuts, and legumes that are excellent sources of protein. From almonds, cashews, chilli beans, chickpeas, to soybeans, you won’t just have unlimited protein sources, but also endless opportunities of being creative with serving them.

Spread a spoonful of yummy vegan peanut butter on top of your toast for a tasty breakfast. You can also make a delicious vegan nacho platter with your favourite vegan cheese and beans. And for dinner? An edamame burger patty with a sumptuous vegan gravy.

Incorporating plant-based protein into your kids’ diet doesn’t need to be boring. Be bold and creative! It’s an excellent way to introduce to your children these yummy meat substitutes that’ll give them the amount of protein they need for proper growth and development.

Top Brands of Vegan Kids Snacks to Try

At PlantX, we stock a wide range of healthy snacks for kids from different high-quality brands. These goodies are not just nutritious, but also super satisfying. Here are some of our bestsellers:

Cheeky Monkey Organic Peanut Butter Puffs

Craving a crunchy yet chewy bite to snack on? Cheeky Monkey Organic Peanut Butter Puffs delivers a deliciously sweet experience that your kids will certainly enjoy. You no longer have to worry about children eating too many sweets – this beauty is the perfect alternative to their regular treats. The best part? It’s baked, not fried, has no added sugar, organic, soy-free, GMO-free, and naturally gluten-free!

Little Pasta Organics Tricolour Pasta for Kids

It’s true what they say: we all eat with our eyes. For fussy kids, there’s no better way to their tummies than a beautifully colourful pasta that’s super appetising! Little Pasta Organics Tricolour Pasta for Kids comes in a teddy bear shape that amps up every meal from boring to exciting! Even better, it’s 100% made from vegetables! It’s the perfect way to incorporate their daily veggie intake in their snacks.

Trust in PlantX for the best healthy snacks for kids! Buy these vegan kids snacks online and have them delivered right to your doorstep.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do vegan snacks contain protein?

Most vegan snacks for kids contain a good amount of plant-based protein. They’re an excellent substitute for regular snacks that your kids can munch on any time of the day. These healthy snacks for kids contain legumes and beans that are excellent sources of protein. 

For best results, it’s recommended that you consult your child’s paediatrician to learn about the health benefits of vegan snacks.

Are vegan snacks high in calories?

Vegan snacks are typically lower in calories compared to regular snacks. Vegan snacks do not contain animal byproducts, therefore are free from animal-derived calories. But if you’re on a strict calorie diet, it’s best to consult your nutritionist to learn about your recommended calorie intake from vegan snacks.

Is it fine to eat vegan snacks every day?

Eating small amounts of vegan snacks every day won’t ruin your healthy diet and lifestyle. Just remember that everything in moderation is acceptable. If you love to snack in between meals, don’t forget to eat healthy and nutritious food for lunch or dinner. It’s all about balance. Checking the ingredients of your favourite vegan snacks is helpful too!

Are vegan kids' snacks dairy-free?

Absolutely. Vegan kids' snacks are 100% plant-based, hence free from dairy or any forms of animal byproducts. You don’t need to worry about ingesting cow’s milk or any form of dairy anytime! At PlantX, your kids can enjoy a selection of delicious snacks that fit their vegan diet and lifestyle.

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