Ready To Eat Vegan Soup, The Ultimate Rescue To Your Hunger

Ready To Eat Vegan Soup, The Ultimate Rescue To Your Hunger

Vegan soup is so underrated. It’s delicious and full of healthy ingredients!

Soup actually dates back to 20,000 BC. Imagine that! For years we have enjoyed all kinds of soup. The Roman Empire can be thanked for popularizing this, though. They were the ones who even introduced gazpacho to Spain. Over in the East, China had their own take on this food. They enjoyed theirs with dumplings (now known as wontons)!

History has shown that soup, or broth, was more of a circumstance of necessity. People would boil bones and fat in water to potentially remove dangerous bacteria. But as the years passed, people started to enjoy soup for what it actually is - a delicious, satisfying and heartwarming food!

ready to eat vegan soup

When going to a restaurant and looking at the menu’s list of vegan starters, we like getting the soup. The soup will give you a great indication of what the local flavour is all about! It can also paint a better picture of how well your meal is going to be because it takes great skill to make hearty and inviting soups.

But delicious vegan soups aren’t just found in the kitchens of fancy restaurants and local dining spots. We can now also enjoy vegan soup at home without the hassle of boiling up veggies and waiting for them to cook. All it takes is a few minutes! That’s why we think that ready to eat vegan soup is the ultimate rescue to your hunger!

Canned Soups

Canned Vegan Soups

In the 19th century, canned soup became widely popular. It was a technological advancement that allowed soup to be consumed whenever! To this day, it still holds true and a ton of your fave vegan soups out there are available in canned forms.

One such example is Amy's Soups! They’ve got a handful of Organic Soups to choose from, such as their Hearty French Country Vegetable Soup, Rustic Italian Vegetable Soup, or the Quinoa Kale & Red Lentil Soup. These soups are literally ready to eat. No need to add water, just pour them in a bowl and heat them up to make an enjoyable vegan starter.

There are other canned soups as well, some of them come in condensed forms. A brand known for condensed soups, Campbell’s, has a variety of them. But, we prefer something like Amy’s Soups because they have no preservatives and they’re made with non-GMO ingredients. But to each their own!

Compact and Cubed

vegan soup cubes

A familiar ingredient in the kitchen, stock cubes, was invented in the late 18th century. Stock cubes, or bouillon cubes, were compact and typically made from dehydrated vegetables and other proteins.

It’s more convenient to have stock cubes in the pantry because of their size. But the tradeoff is that it’s more of an ingredient, and it’s not a full meal until you add your own ingredients to it. But it’s still a quick meal! A healthy addition of pre-chopped veggies or dumplings will often do the trick!

These can also be added to sauces! Add your stock cube to a pot of boiling water and you’ll have a base for delicious gravy or stew. If you heat up more than you need, just keep the rest of the broth in the fridge. When you’re hungry, you can heat up a bowl or mug of broth to enjoy.

One versatile cube that we found was Kallo Foods’ Organic Low Salt Vegetable Stock Cubes. We prefer the low-salt kinds because dehydrated soups do come in a tad salty. 

Bring in the Bouillon

vegan soup bouillon

While we often associate bouillon as a stock cube, it can actually come in other forms! One such form is powder. What’s the benefit of stock powder? More precise measuring!

Sure, you can slice a cube and leave some for later, but there’s still a bit of care needed to keep the rest safe and sealed until you next need it. With powdered bouillon, you can just open up a container, get a teaspoon or two, and then close the lid. Simple, no mess, no additional utensils needed - especially if you’re making vegan soup for one!

We mentioned that compact and dehydrated soups come in salty. With powdered stock, you can add a little more so easily! You get to adjust to taste without having to fuss over how much of a stock cube you need to add. It’s all in the granules! But, as you can guess, powdered bouillon does come in a bigger packaging than the vegan soup cubes.

Here are a couple of options you can make vegan starters with. They are Marigold’s Organic Reduced Salt Bouillon Powder and its Vegan Bouillon Powder (Less Salt). Both are great for making vegan soups or stews.

Taste the Paste

vegan soup paste

Canned, cubed, powdered… what’s next? Paste! Why on earth would you consider paste when you already have access to the others? More control! We know, we know, it sounds like we’re just saying it’s more precise measuring (which is the argument we made for powdered soups), but no!

Soup Paste is great if you want to add the condensed flavour of broth to your dishes in an instant. Vecon Concentrated Vegetable Stock is great for this. It’ll add concentrated veggie taste to casseroles, rice dishes, stir-fries, and pasta dishes! It’ll still make a tasty, warm bowl of vegan soup whenever you want, too.

In fact, Vecon Concentrated Vegetable Stock comes in a couple of sizes. They have the size for household kitchens and have one in 1kg! We hope the size gives you enough indication of just how many dishes you can make with such a versatile stock paste!

Instantly Satisfying Vegan Soup

Miso Soup

Okay, all the items on this list are basically instant vegan soup. But you're probably wondering where the instant ramen portion of our list went. While we do love a good cup of noodles every now and then, we did find a better option! So, no, there are no instant noodles here!

Rethink instant soup with King Soba’s Organic Miso Soups. How are vegan soups like this one better? Well, non-GMO and organic ingredients, that’s what! A bunch of instant noodle brands out there contain artificial ingredients in order for them to taste great. This one doesn’t.

Imagine slaving away at the office and thinking you could use a little heartwarming snack. Coffee will leave you jittery, instant noodles need your attention to eat (and think of the mess, the splatter!)… But just a mug and a sachet of miso soup? Perfect. It’ll leave your other hand free to do your tasks! Just sip away and it’ll satisfy your hunger!

Just like instant noodles, miso soup packets like these come in different flavours. You can get King Soba’s Edamame Beans, Pumpkin, or their Tofu & Ginger variants!

That’s What’s Up with Soup!

ready to eat vegan soups

Are you hungry? Because we definitely are after writing this list! Thank goodness we have a cupboard full of instant vegan soup ready to satisfy our hunger. We welcome you to get yourself some as well!

Yes, sometimes instant soup can be just as good as the real thing! You just have to find the right ones. No need to buy the produce, chop them up, and boil them down to get all the nutrition because the good stuff is right here!