Clearspring - Organic Japanese Umeboshi Paste, 150g

Clearspring - Organic Japanese Umeboshi Paste, 150g

Brand - Clearspring
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Quick Description

Abundant in taste and extremely versatile, Umeboshi is a Japanese delicacy. Clearspring brings you its Organic Umeboshi Paste, a delicacy handy in the pantry!

Key Information

  • Organic Japanese umeboshi paste
  • Concentrated paste
  • Salty and tangy
  • Versatile in Japanese cooking
  • Low sugar and free from saturated fats

Product Overview

Clearspring’s Organic Umeboshi Paste is flavour in a jar. Umeboshi, made from brined ume (aka Japanese plum), normally has a strong tart and sour taste, but the taste is more elevated here because this umeboshi paste is concentrated. When we say a little bit goes a long way, we really mean it.

You can eat umeboshi on its own (it’s the size of a small lime), but it’s sour. However, the intense flavour makes it a great ingredient. When used in just the right amount, you’ll find that the taste is exceptional and it can transform your dishes.

Common uses for Clearspring Organic Umeboshi Paste include adding it to make dips, spreads, dressings, and other sauces. Some even like adding it to porridge or just eating it with some crackers. Try spreading a little bit of paste on some corn instead of butter and salt. It’s quite delicious.


Ume plums (Prunus ume) (79%), sea salt (17%), shiso leaves (Perilla frutescens)
Organically grown

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Umeboshi?

Umeboshi is a Japanese delicacy made from pickled or brined ume. Ume is a fruit often called a plum, but it’s actually more closely related to the apricot.

It has a very unique taste, having an extremely sour and tart (and sometimes bitter) flavour. Ume can’t be eaten raw as it is poisonous. That’s why it needs to be cooked and prepared, giving us umeboshi.