As for fruit spread, man there’s a lot that goes into that. Jam and jelly fall under this category. What’s the difference? To make it short and sweet, jam is thicker in consistency, could have chunks of fruit, and is usually made from mashed fruit. Jelly is smoother and made from any kind of fruit juice.

No matter what spread you fancy, PlantX has nut butter or fruit spread for you. Just check out the selection and add your favourite nut butter to the cart!

The Whole Spread

Peanut butter, tree nut butter, seed butter, fruit jam, jelly… tahini, even! You’ll find them here. Whether you’re looking for organic nut butter or organic fruit spread, we got you covered. 

For nut butter lovers, we know that you have a preference of texture. For those crunchy lovers or smooth criminals, we’ve got nut butters that you’re sure to love! Get smooth or crunchy nut butter the way you like them. Goodness, we even have powdered peanut butter!

How about how the nut butters are made? Prefer your nut butters made from roasted nuts? How about raw? Yep, we’ve got them all. For those who go nuts for nut butters, did you know that you can get a jar or even a whole kilo tub worth of nut butter here on this site?

How about our fruit spreads? Well, you can get organic fruit spreads that are free from added sugars, additives, artificial flavours, or artificial colours here at PlantX. We have low-calorie options as well!

Get A Load of These Nut Butters and Fruit Spreads

Meridian Foods’ Tahini

Get a load of this delicious plant-based (of course) tahini from Meridian Foods! It’s a rich and creamy dip that you can simply have with some carrots or celery OR use to make some heavenly sauces and dressings. No palm oil is used to make this tahini - only roasted whole or hulled sesame seeds (depending on whether you get the light or dark tahini).

Carley's Organic Raw Tahini (Light, Dark & Black)

Another tahini that frequents our pantry is Carley’s Organic Raw Tahini! Every jar contains a delicious blend of sesame seeds and cold-pressed sesame oil. Full of flavour and creaminess, enjoy either a light, dark, or black sesame tahini with some roasted vegetables or even some sushi!

Suma Wholefoods’ Pear & Apple Fruit Spread

Bread can get a little lonely sometimes. Suma Wholefoods’ Pear & Apple Fruit Spread is not only good company, it’s the perfect pair! Since it’s made with pure fruit, it contains only naturally occurring sugar. You won’t find any additives, artificial flavours, or colours in this fruit spread.

Carley's Organic Pumpkin Seed Butter (Raw & Roasted)

Carley's Organic Pumpkin Seed Butter is available in raw or roasted variations. Pumpkin seed butter is underrated. It’s creamy and packs a punch! It’s delicious when spread on some bread or useful as a cooking ingredient.


Do you have healthy and low-fat nut butters?

Nuts are naturally high in (healthy) fats. If you’re looking for nut butters without palm oils or additional fatty ingredients, then you’ve come to the right place. PlantX houses brands like Meridian and Biona who have nut butter products made from 100% nuts. Their low-fat nut butters are also free from palm oil. 

Some of the healthiest organic nut butters are made from almonds, walnuts, peanuts, or hazelnuts. One great peanut butter is from Whole Earth. Their Peanut Butter Crunchy is full of protein, potassium, magnesium, and Vitamin B. 

Do you have organic nut butters?

Of course! We have brands like Sun & Seed, Nutcessity, and Suma Wholefoods. They all have a great selection of organic nut butters to choose from. You can even find some jars of organic nut butter blends like Nutcessity’s Organic Date & Walnut Nut Butter!

Almond butter is a great organic nut butter to start off with. It’s perfect as a porridge topping (or in your vegan smoothie!) and amazingly on toast with jam or banana slices, pears, and apples. Nut butter goes with most fruits!

But, everyone’s different! That’s why we’ve got a range of organic nut butters and low-fat nut butters made from different ingredients like hazelnuts, almonds, peanuts, walnuts, and cashews (to name a few). 

How do I store Fruit Spread and Nut Butter?

Unless otherwise specified, fruit spreads and nut butters are usually shelf-stable… upto a certain point! If you find yourself having some fruit spread daily, it’s ok to leave your jar on the table or the cupboard without any need for refrigeration.

Keeping them in the fridge, though it may extend its shelf life, will change their consistency! 

The same goes for nut butter. Keeping nut butters in the fridge may solidify your nut butter because it has oils. If you keep nut butters at room temp, you may still notice a change in appearance and consistency. That’s because the natural oils might have separated! Just grab a clean spoon and stir your nut butter until it's mixed.