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Carley's - Organic Raw Tahini (Light, Dark & Black)

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Full of wonderful, intense flavour, Carley’s Organic Raw Tahinis are amazingly nutritious, utterly delicious and can be consumed in so many ways. 

Key Information

  • Three different types of amazing organic raw tahini
  • Totally plant-based and gluten-free
  • With absolutely no added sugar or salt
  • Contains nothing artificial and is full of calcium
  • No emulsifiers and non-GMO

Product Overview

Super rich in calcium and full of amazing, earthy flavour, Carley’s Organic Raw Tahini is a spread you will always want to have in your pantry. These three scrumptious tahini types are totally plant-based, non-GMO and gluten-free. An environmentally conscious company, Carley’s sources its sesame seeds from an Ethiopian organisation called Selet Hulling, known for its sustainable methods.

Fantastically versatile, these tahinis can be used in baking, added to a smoothie for a creamy, calcium hit, or as a dressing that can be drizzled on everything from a lovely salad to fresh fish. With absolutely nothing artificial and no emulsifiers added, they are also delicious in the simplest way, spread on some bread or crackers. 

Carley’s doesn’t feel the need to put salt in their products as it is easier to add it than remove it. If you like a bit of salt then simply sprinkle some in the jar and stir thoroughly. There is also no sugar in Carley products, which is why they work so well in both sweet and savoury concoctions.

Raw Light Tahini

Nutritious, delicious and earthy, this light tahini is made from sesame seeds that are environmentally and ethically sustainable. Sure to give an amazing halva moistness and flavour to anything you add it to.

Raw Dark Tahini

This tahini offers everything that you would get in its light counterpart, but with a slightly stronger flavour and a little more bitter. Works amazingly with savoury dishes or indeed on its own on a piece of toast. 

Raw Black Sesame Tahini

Made with stunning Bolivian black sesames, this tahini is amazing blended with some nut or seed oil, some chilli flakes, ginger and lemon juice and drizzled over some steamed vegetables and on sushi. 


Raw Light Tahini
Raw organic sesame seeds, fair trade cold-pressed sesame oil.

Raw Dark Tahini
Raw organic sesame seeds, fair trade cold-pressed sesame oil.

Raw Black Sesame Tahini
Raw organic black sesame seeds, fair trade cold-pressed sesame oil.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Carley’s story?

A family run business, Carley’s got its start in 1974 as a small wholefoods shop called The Granary, where all their nut and seed butter was made in a tiny kitchen and in small batches. As the business grew steadily, with great feedback, demand increasing and a reputation for quality, simple and organic foods, Carley’s started making their products on a larger scale, which they continue to do to this day.

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