Violife - Cocospread, 150g


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Violife - Cocospread, 150g - nutrition facts

Violife - Cocospread, 150g

Brand - Violife
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Quick Description

Spread the love with Violife Cocospread! An indulgent treat without palm oil, gluten, and soy, and less sugar, fat, and calories than other spreads. Is this love?

Key Information

  • Delicious vegan chocolate spread
  • Smooth, creamy, and versatile
  • Healthy coconut oil base
  • Palm oil, preservative, and GMO-free
  • Less sugar, fat, and calories than standard spreads

Product Overview

If chocolate spreads are your weakness, then this beauty is the healthier alternative you need. Introducing the Violife Cocospread - a delicious plant-based spread that’s full of flavour with less of the bad stuff!

Made with a coconut oil base to give you plenty of useful medium-chain fatty acids, this Cocospread is boosted with beneficial vitamin B12. Free from preservatives, palm oil, cholesterol, and the 14 main allergens, it’s an inclusive recipe that’s perfect for the whole family.

With a quarter of the sugar, half the calories and fat of conventional chocolate spreads, this gloriously chocolatey treat is an ideal alternative. Enjoy on toast, in sandwiches and spread over pancakes. Or even as a frosting for vegan cake! Want that great taste sooner? Spoon it straight from the jar!


Water, Coconut Oil (15%), Brown Sugar, Cocoa Powder (8%), Starch, Dried Banana Powder, Flavourings, Acidity Regulator: Lactic Acid, Sea Salt, Olive Extract, Vitamin B12.
Allergens: This product is free from the main 14 allergens.
Contains Coconuts

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Violife Cocospread contain any genetically modified ingredients?

Absolutely not, you can put your mind at rest! None of the Violife products will contain any GMO ingredients. With certification from the Non-GMO Project, this is something you can trust completely. 

The modified maize starch that’s mentioned in some of their other products is not a GMO. It is simply a native, non-GMO starch that has gone through a processing procedure further on in the manufacturing process. So, although the word “modified” is used, it is not the same as a genetically modified ingredient. So don’t worry.