Nutcessity - Organic Date & Walnut Nut Butter, 180g

Nutcessity - Organic Date & Walnut Nut Butter, 180g
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Nutcessity - Organic Date & Walnut Nut Butter, 180g

Brand - Nutcessity
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Quick Description

Nutcessity’s Date & Walnut Nut Butter blend is sweet with a slight touch of bitter flavour. It’s been given the Great Taste Award two years in a row!

Key Information

  • Date and walnut nut butter blend
  • Source of Omega-3
  • Great Taste Award Winner of 2019 and 2020
  • Veggie Awards Recipient in 2020.
  • Gluten-Free (UKAS laboratory verified)

Product Overview

Nutcessity’s multi-award-winning Date & Walnut Nut Butter blends bitter and sweet perfectly. You might think that only mature palates would appreciate this spread, but that’s not true! Everyone can and will love the taste of this blend.

Is it simply just walnuts and dates? Not quite! The sweetness comes from dates and coconut chips that have been toasted. The sweetness is all-natural. There’s no added sugar in it!

The earthy taste comes from the walnuts. These walnuts are lightly toasted and blended in with some sunflower seeds, too. This gives the blend its unique bitterness. Don’t worry! It’s a very faint bitterness and it’s balanced by the sweetness.

The texture and consistency are just like any other nut butter. It’s the taste that gives it the edge. It’s no wonder why this jar of Date & Walnut Nut Butter was given the Great Taste Award in 2019 and 2020!


Walnuts (41%)*, coconut chips*, sunflower seeds*, Deglet Noir dates (9%)* & unrefined salt.

Allergens: Walnuts. May contain traces of sesame or other nuts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I spread Nutcessity’s Organic Date & Walnut Nut Butter on toast?

Of course! Eat or use this just like any other nut butter. Spread some on toast and crackers, enjoy with some dried or fresh fruits, or blend into a smoothie to give it additional flavour. You can also add a spoonful to porridge to give it that deliciously earthy and sweet taste.