Clearspring - Organic Safflower Oil, 500ml

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Clearspring - Organic Safflower Oil, 500ml - Front
Clearspring - Organic Safflower Oil, 500ml - Nutritional Information
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Clearspring - Organic Safflower Oil, 500ml

Brand - Clearspring
1 review
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Quick Description

Looking for delicious and nutritious cooking oil? This one’s for you! Clearspring’s Organic Safflower Oil is full of omega 6, has omega 9, and is omega good.

Key Information

  • Cold-pressed safflower oil
  • Winner of 2021’s Great Taste Award
  • Good fo saffron substitution
  • No sugar and no salt
  • Kosher-Friendly

Product Overview

Clearspring Organic Safflower Oil is made from organically-grown safflower seeds. Safflower is a bright yellow, thistle-like plant that produces seeds used for cooking and medicinal purposes.

Clearspring’s Safflower Oil is a highly nutritious oil. It’s a good source of omega 6, omega 9, and Vitamin E. Omega 6 may help with the function of cells and omega 9 is known to have anti-inflammatory properties. Vitamin E helps in maintaining healthy skin and eyes.

Safflower oil can be used to make different dressings and dips. Some oil, roasted garlic, and balsamic vinegar make for a wonderful spread on warm toast. You can even use it to make some homemade mayo, tahini sauce, and even chilli oil.

This oil can even be used for low-temperature cooking and baking. Simple stovetop popcorn? Roasted veggies? The use of safflower oil is fairly straightforward. Oven-baked treats like granola could also benefit from the helping of safflower oil.

Ordinary oil may not have that much taste. When you choose Safflower Oil, you’ll quickly notice the difference. It’s got a sweet and slightly nutty taste. This oil is delicious. It’s so good that Clearspring’s Organic Safflower Oil was awarded the Great Taste Award in 2021!

Is it supercalifragilisticexpialidocious or is it SuperClearspringExtraOrganicSafflowerOil-icious?


Organically grown safflower seeds

Frequently Asked Questions 

How hot can I heat Clearspring Organic Safflower Oil?

A maximum heating temperature of 100°C is recommended.

Aside from cooking, where else can I use safflower oil?

Some people have used this oil as a moisturizer! We’ve also seen some use this oil to make their own face wash.