Clearspring - Organic Oat Syrup, 300g

Clearspring - Organic Oat Syrup, 300g - front
Clearspring - Organic Oat Syrup, 300g
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Clearspring - Organic Oat Syrup, 300g

Brand - Clearspring
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Quick Description

Using the natural sweetness of organic oats, Clearspring’s Oat Syrup is a caramel-like syrup to sweeten your hot drinks and desserts without refined sugar.

Key Information

  • For hot drinks and desserts
  • Use it as a baking ingredient
  • Great as a refined sugar replacement
  • Organic

Product Overview

Enjoy a generous drizzle of Clearspring’s Organic Oat Syrup on your hot drinks. They’ll taste sweeter and better - with organically-grown oats no less! Instead of grabbing some of your regular table sugar, get Clearspring’s Oat Syrup.

Finish your desserts with Clearspring’s Organic Oat Syrup, too. Add on top of pancakes, waffles, and even a scoop of ice cream. When you’re baking and a recipe calls for sugar, consider using this syrup. You’ll find that this caramel-like syrup lends a wonderful colour to your mixtures.


Oats* (100%)
*Organically Grown.
Allergen: Oats

Frequently Asked Questions 

How sweet is Clearspring’s Organic Oat Syrup?

Clearspring’s Organic Oat Syrup has a mild sweetness. Though it looks a lot like caramel, it’s not unbearably sweet. This makes it easier to incorporate into recipes without ruining them with too much sweetness.